All about gold-fish aquarium

Choosing the gold-fish aquarium Lighting System

Equatorial fish generally experience 12-14 hours of light a day. One challenge is balancing the light types with the right color rendering properties to bring out the magnificent colors and also to support aquatic plant growth. Generally a dual tube arrangement is required for most aquariums and these are mounted under the aquarium hood assembly.

The lights can be supported by a timer to properly time the light periods, however for those that are in areas where long summer daytime periods are the norm you might have to consider the location of your aquarium as the fish will end up with 18 hour days. You can also get fluorescent light dimmers and this is an idea where you want to raise or lower the light levels gradually over a 20-30 minute period. Choosing the gold-fish aquarium Heating System

The purpose of heaters and the associated thermostats is to maintain the correct temperature range for the species, many manufacturers now have very good digital electronic thermostats with integral thermometers and alarms.

All about gold fish aquarium

Discrete digital thermometers are also available. If you use a normal thermometer always check the temperature every day to ensure that heater is functioning properly. These are generally a glass immersion heater, and they are grouped either as submersible or non-submersible.

Submersible heaters have a higher reliability factor and should be switched off if the water drops below 6″ or 15 cm from the top. Always unplug the heater at least 15 minutes before removing it from the water to allow heat to dissipate in the water.

The general calculation ratio in common use for heater output size is 3 watts for each gallon of water. A good solution is to install the heater in the filter unit so that the clean inlet water is heated.

Before performing any tank work always switch the heater off first. Also available are under-gravel heating elements which are very beneficial to plants. Select the right equipment and what to order at your tropical-fish-supply store