All About gold-fish-breeds

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Just how many gold-fish-breeds are there?

There are a lot and in actual fact there is an estimated 125 or more breeds of fancy goldfish. So what about the most common gold fish being kept?

The Oranda

These are the most common and popularly kept variety. They have a shortened body, a rather prominent dorsal fin, a twin tail, a large wart like growth or crest on the head. They also have very elegant and flowing fins. They have a wide variety of colours and come in red, chocolate, black, red-cap, red and white, red and black, blue and calico as well as a mixture of metallic and non-metallic colours.


Lionheads gold-fish-breeds are rather like the Orandas. They also have a twin tail and a large and wart like crest on the head. They do not have a dorsal fin. Also there are less colors and they are principally red, red and black, red-cap, calico, and a variety of red and white mixes are also available.


Ranchus have a rather distinct and very high, arched tail fin. They also have deep round bodies and very short fins.


All About gold fish breeds

Veiltail gold-fish-breeds possess deep, round bodies. They also have a rather distinctive long, broad, and gracefully folded tail that is divided into two. The anal fin is also divided into two like the tail.


Moors are a relatively small gold-fish-breeds and have a very smooth, soot-like coloring. They are often called the Black Moor, although they also come light red or light orange colors. Another salient feature is that they have telescope eyes, along with a double tail and fins that are virtually identical to the Veiltails.

The Ryukin

The Ryukin is a rather short and narrow Japanese variety of gold-fish-breeds . They have a distinctive hump where the head meets the body. They also have a forked tail that is divided into two fins. Another variety of the Ryukin is better known as the Fantail. They come in either telescope-eyed and normal presentations.

The Pearlscale

The Pearlscale is a silver colored fish that has large red patches. Typically they have a flat back, a fat body and a fairly small-mouthed head. One distinctive feature is that each scale is swollen and sticks out like a tiny half pearl, hence the name.

Pom Pons

These are rather distinctive gold-fish-breeds variety. The Pom Pons have swollen nasal appendage that resembles frilly balls or pom pons on a hat. Basically there are 2 varieties of Pom Pon. One has a dorsal fin, and the other does not and this occurs in most colors. Although relatively rare some fish can be found that have four pom pons and are of course very collectible as long as the pom pons grow evenly in size.

All you need to know about gold-fish-breeds