All About Healthcare For Pensioners In Spain

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Healthcare for pensioners in Spain is generally very good.

Malaga has long been known as one of the healthiest places in the world to live. In fact, the Spanish are the longest living Europeans.

  • The mild Mediterranean climate
  • zero pollution
  • the open-air lifestyle
  • waking up to sunshine most days of the year
  • and the high standard of healthcare facilities available …

… all combine to attract more and more people to think about this beautiful coast for their retirement years.

And moving to Spain is easier than it has ever been. Your state pension can even be transferred through to a Spanish bank of your choice (or as mentioned in the Bank Account section through to one of the British Building Societies now established here on the coast). As an EU pensioner you will be entitled to the same free healthcare as a Spanish pensioner.

All About Healthcare For Pensioners In Spain

So what more should you know about healthcare for pensioners in Spain?

If you’re planning to register for Social Security in Spain you’ll first need to apply for your Residence Card as soon as you can after moving to Spain. Then armed with your residency application receipt, take yourself off to your local Spanish Social Security office. As well as the receipt take along your passport (plus photocopies) and your pensioners certificate, Form E 121 (obtained from the Dept. of Social Security in the U.K.).

Hope you’ve still got that good book with you as the queues at the Social Security office are even more slow-moving than at the Residency office. But bear with it: once you have your ´tarjeta sanitaria` (health card) you’ll be happy to know that you’ll never need to repeat the process ever again.

When you register here you’ll immediately receive a temporary health card. The permanent plastic version will be sent to you by post which you’ll need to present whenever making a medical appointment.

You’ll be assigned to a health centre (ambulatorio) in your area. There you’ll be assigned to a G.P. (medico de cabecera).

For any treatment you’ll first need to attend the healthcare centre where there is normally a free translation service available.

Healthcare for pensioners in Spain is generally very good, but please note that Spanish doctors do not make home visits. So if you feel you might need such a service then you can join a private health insurance company called ´Helicopteros Sanitarios` which offers 24-hour doctor call-out. It’s very reasonable at 100 Euros per person per year.

Or if you prefer there is a wide variety of private medical insurance available at 60 or 70 Euros per month. Plus there are any number of English osteopaths, chiropractors, chiropodists and physiotherapists who regularly advertise in the local English press.

So, there you have it … healthcare for pensioners is well and truly covered in Spain. And as the man says ´Yer pays yer money and yer takes yer choice`.

Unless, of course, you’re planning on underwater diving in the Med. Or skiing up in Granada…