All about red cedar adirondack chairs

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Only cedar Adirondack chairs can provide the solid, durable and classic traditional beauty that one expects from this kind of outdoor furniture.

One of the most popular early garden chairs was the wood Adirondack style chair with wide arms, which served as a table. Typically the back of an Adirondack chair has a comfortable slope with a corresponding slope of the seat, giving the feeling of a straight chair leaned back against a wall.

A popular addition to an Adirondak chair is the ottoman. Ottomans, or more simply footrests, are extensions placed in front of the Adirondack which make for a great total “put your feet up” relaxing experience.

Western red cedar is perhaps the most commonly used timber for this type of furniture. Apart from the beauty of cedar, it is very resistant to humid, damp environments and doesn’t fear the elements. Its natural oil content makes it rot resistant, it doesn’t warp or split and it’s natural aroma makes it very unpopular with insects. In short, a sturdy wood that will last for years in any climate, and look good too.

All about red cedar adirondack chairs

So what are best: Cedar Adirondack Chairs or Oak Adirondacks?

Oak is another popular wood for outdoor furniture, but did you know that the skeletal strength of a tree greatly affects the character of its wood?
Western Red Cedar, a coniferous tree, and is incredibly durable, while oak, an angiosperm, produces wood that is relatively strong in its structure, but greatly inferior in durability when compared to cedar. Cedar, rather than oak, is a much more practical choice than oak for outdoor patio furniture. Therefore, cedar Adirondack chairs seem a natural choice if you are looking for this type of furniture. Moreover you will find that oak is generally the more expensive of the two.


How much should a good cedar Adirondack chair cost?

Good question and as is true of any type of product, some outdoor furniture items are constructed to a higher quality than others, and some items are more expensive than others, often for no apparent reason. A buyer can become confused with all of the different specifications, offerings and promises of outdoor furniture items and we try to do our best to point our visitors in the direction of the highest quality at the lowest prices, with the best guarantees