All about the gold-fish-plant

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Why do you need gold-fish-plant

Putting in live plants for your goldfish helps to provide extra oxygen and also provides a more natural habitat, providing natural shelter. Live plants also help to absorb and use the nitrates with in the tank that are waste products from your the goldfish produce. Plants are also great goldfish snack food. Of course you can use fake plastic and silk plants and they are zero maintenance however if you get algae in the tank they will get coated rather fast. You have to try and source plants that are compatible with your goldfish

All about the gold fish plant

Which gold-fish-plant can I use?

You can pick from the following list

Aponogeton Undulatus

Vallisneria Spiralis

Anacharis Densa

Myriophyllum Hippuroides

Hygrophila Polysperma

Myriophylum Aquaticum

Cryptocoryne Becketta



Anubias, and you can use almost any variety)

Java moss and java fern, and these best attached to driftwood

Banana plant

Crypts, there are many varieties

Onion Plant

Also used with varying success are Madagascar Lace, the Compact or Amazon swordplants, Wisteria, Water Sprite,

Which plant not to use?

The following plants must never be used for your goldfish

Mondo Grass,

Brazilian Sword,

Scarlet Hygro,

Purple Waffle. These are actually non aquatic plants often sold as aquatic, and there are others).