All the different types of gold fish

What type-of-gold-fish you are looking for?

There are many types of gold fish to choose from apart from the common Goldfish. Each variety of goldfish has different physical sizes and varying water requirements that include water temperature.

Goldfish can essentially be split into 2 categories. These are the single tailed goldfish and the double tailed goldfish. In addition there is a double tailed goldfish that has an egg shaped body and also a double tailed goldfish that has an egg shaped body but lacks dorsal fins.

Single Tail Goldfish

Shubunkins Goldfish

This type-of-gold-fish also has two sub-categorizations. The first is known as the London Shubunkins goldfish and the second is called the Bristol Shubunkins goldfish. In reality they possess a similar form and shape to the Comets goldfish and have calico colors in red, violet, yellow and orange with black spots.

Comets Goldfish

This is a relatively resilient and hardy type-of-goldfish that is ideally suited for garden ponds as they are able to withstand cold water in winter. The Comets goldfish can attain 12-14 inches (30-35 cm) in length. They possess a long and slender body with a variety characteristic long tail.

Double Tail Goldfish

Watkins Goldfish

The Watkins goldfish has a similar appearance to the common goldfish however it has a split tail fin. They also have a similar appearance to the Fantail goldfish however the tail fin is flatter. They are a hardy variety and come in a wide coloration range.

Jikins Goldfish

Again this has a similar appearance to the common goldfish however color is limited to a white body with either red or orange lips, fins and gill plates. They also should possess a tail fin that is split in an upwards direction

The double tailed type-of-goldfish with egg shaped body category includes the following

Oranda Goldfish

The major and recognizable characteristic of the Oranda goldfish is the helmet they have on their heads along with their split tail fins. A high quality Oranda fish should have a tail fin that is split all the way.

Ryukin Goldfish

This variety is almost identical in appearance to the Fantail goldfish only they have a hump back. This characteristic hump commences just behind the head.

Pearlscale Goldfish

All the different types of gold fish

This variety has a high egg shaped body, much greater in size than other goldfish types. They are available in a wide color range.

Telescope Goldfish

Many are many variations with many colorations. The varieties have varying eye sizes and also fins, and high quality fish have long fins.

Black Moors goldfish

This striking variety has characteristic telescope eyes on a velvet black body, and black is the only color.

Demekin Goldfish

All the different types of gold fish

This variety possess large telescope eyes with a hump back and are across between the Telescope and the Ryukin goldfish.

Pompom Egg goldfish

This type-of-gold-fish possesses small balls on the face that bear a resemblance to pom-poms. Actually these balls are essentially overdeveloped nostrils. There are several varieties that come with or without fins.

Veiltail goldfish

These lovely fish possess very long fins that characteristically hang below the fish body like a veil. They also come in many colors.

Double tailed goldfish with egg shaped body without dorsal fins category includes the following

Bubble Eye Goldfish

This type-of-gold-fish has very large eyes that point upwards. They also have relatively large sacks under their eyes. This type of fish is delicate and requires safe and secure aquariums that have no sharp objects to cause physical damage. They also do not have dorsal fins.

Phoenix Eggfish/Egg Goldfish

This type-of-gold-fish has long flowing fins very similar to those on the Veitail goldfish however they do not have dorsal fins. The Phoenix Eggfish is fairly rare and hard to source.

Celestial Goldfish

This type-of-gold-fish also has eyes that point towards the heaven, that is upwards. They do not have the under-eye sacks that the bubble eye goldfish has. As they lack the sacks they are less prone to injury.

Lionhead Goldfish

This type-of-gold-fish possess a very straight back, which makes them distinguishable from the other egg shapes gold fish.