All the skateboard terms

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This page is the skateboard glossary, skate dictionary, or whatever you want to call it, for beginners who might not understand. If my mom doesn’t know what it is, it’s going here!

Many of the skateboard terms are fully explained on other pages, but you can always come to this page to easily look up a term you don’t understand. The terms in blue are also links! I’ve tried to create a list and good resource for beginners here, so if I’ve missed anything please let me know.

Skateboard Stance – This determines the way you ride your skateboard. Mostly, by dictating which foot you have in the front of your skateboard.

Skateboard Parts – If you have questions about trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, or grip tape, just click this link.

Deck – the actual wooden part of the skateboard itself, which will usually have a picture on it.

Ollie – Getting your board to come off the ground and over objects.

Street skating – Not skateboarding at a park or other designated area. This is all about finding your own “natural” spots to skate.

Switch – Riding the opposite direction, which you would normally ride.

All the skateboard terms

Fun box or bench – a box, which people use to do grinds or manual tricks on. They often have metal lips at skate parks.

Half Pipe – A ramp, often made of wood or metal, in the shape of half and oval. These can be found at many skate parks.

Mini Pipe – A smaller half pipe, which can usually fit in a back yard or sometimes indoors.

Skateboard Shoes – Shoes made specifically for skateboarding. They often are designed and backed by pro skaters or skateboard companies. They have significant differences from regular shoes. They often have extra laces and material to help make them last longer. They are also designed out of various materials, which are supposed to help your shoes grip to your skateboard.

Skate Shop – Places who specialize in selling skateboards and skateboard equipment. I find the best ones are skater owned and operated. This way they know about the products they are selling.

Pro Skateboarder – Someone who is paid to skateboard. They receive checks and product regularly.

Amateur (Am) Skateboarder – Someone who is on a skateboard team, but is not yet pro. They often receive free stuff, but aren’t paid the same, if paid at all.

Grind – A trick, which allows a skateboarder to ride an obstacle or rail without using their wheels, but rather their skateboard trucks.

Slide – A trick, which allows a skateboarder to ride an obstacle or rail using the wooden part of their board.

SKATE – A game played by skateboarders. Also a video game now.

Skateboard Team – A group of skateboarders, who get together under a common name to skate or compete in contests.

Skateboard Wax – Wax used on rails and ledges to help boards grind or slide along them more easily.

Skateboard Graphics – The image which is placed onto the skateboard.

Flow – Being given items from a company for free.

Product – Usually used to talk about parts, decks, and other manufactured skateboard pieces.