All The Variety of House Plants

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There are more than a 1,000 different varieties of house plants. Some of the more common house plants include:

African Violets: They have blooms that can last for several weeks at a time. African Violets like temperatures of around 60-70 degrees, soils with high phosphorus & low nitrogen, with good drainage.

Amaryllis: They are easy to grow bulb with big trumpet shaped blooms that like sun & light fertilizing.

Begonia: This flower is popular indoors, outdoors and in hanging baskets. Begonias grow about 6-9 inches tall, like shade or sun, enjoy rich loose soil, and a general all purpose fertilizer.

Bonsai: These are really neat plants and is considered an art form to get going (usually you will buy these already started). The word “Bonsai” means “ tray planted” and usually means small as well. Bonsai can be an ongoing project with trimming, pruning, and shaping or jets left to grow as is.

All The Variety of House Plants

Cactus: These are easy to care for and thrive well in dry conditions but do need some water. Cactus like more than just sand, so add compost or humus to the soil. Indoor variety that are common include: Christmas Cactus, Holly Cactus, and Mistletoe Cactus.

Geraniums: They are well suited for container gardens and can be mixed easily with other plants and flowers. Geraniums have big bright blooms and do well in pots.

Herbs: There are a large number of herbs that can be grown indoors in containers. Herbs are attractive, have nice flowers, and provide you with additions to your food.

Impatiens: They like shade so can be put anywhere in your house. Impatiens are compact flowers, come in a variety of bloom colors, and prefer rich well draining soil.

Ivy: Many varieties of ivy can be grown indoors in containers such as pots. Ivy is tolerant of various conditions in your home but will do better with sun and well draining soils.

Paper Whites: They have white trumpet shaped flowers with a heavy scent. Paper Whites can be forced to bloom in the winter.

Philodendrons: These are one of the easiest house plants to grow because they thrive in household type conditions and are very low maintenance.

Poinsettia: This of course is very popular during Christmas time. Poinsettias are originally native to Mexico and South America.

Rubber Plants: They are easy to grow & care for. This makes rubber plants great as house plants and good for beginners. This plant does require space because it can grow from 6-10 feet tall.

Spider Plants: They thrive in low maintenance conditions which makes them perfect as house plants. Spider plants send out shoots and hang downward which also makes them great for hanging baskets.

Others: There are many other plants and flowers that make good house plants. Other examples, listed by perennial & annual classification, are listed at the end of this page.