Almond Paste Recipe

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8 oz ground almonds
6 oz caster sugar
4 oz icing sugar (finely sifted)
1 egg
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon brandy, or sherry, or
extra lemon juice
½ teaspoon vanilla essence
2 drops of almond essence
2 teaspoons orange flower water, or
little extra sherry, or lemon juice apricot glaze

Place the almonds, caster sugar and icing sugar in a bowl and mix them together. Whisk the egg with the lemon juice and other flavourings and add this to the mixture of almonds and sugar, pounding lightly to release a little of the almond oil. Knead with your hands until the paste is smooth.

Almond Paste Recipe

Brush or spread the cake thinly with hot apricot glaze. This coating makes sure that the almond paste will stick to the cake. Now place the almond paste on top of the cake ; roll it over the top so that it falls down the sides (see photographs below).
Dust your hands with icing sugar and smooth the paste firmly and evenly on to the sides of the cake. Turn it upside down, press to flatten the paste on the top and roll the rolling pin round the sides. This gives a clean, sharp edge to the paste. Leave the cake in a tin for 2-3 days before icing.

Almond paste is laid on top of the previously-glazed cake, and rolled with a rolling pin so that it falls over the edges and down the sides.
Having smoothed the almond paste firmly and evenly on the sides, turn cake upside down and roll round sides to give a clean, sharp edge.