Alpaca Farm Design – Maximize The Use of Your Acreage

In order to have the largest herd possible on your Alpaca Farm, design it to efficiently use all of your acreage. Before you build the first barn, install the first section of fence or lay out your Alpaca equipment, spend some time planning the layout.

Make a drawing of your land, showing where you intend placing your barn, fences and any other structures you plan to build. There are several other items you need to take into account during your planning. These are:

PASTURES – Lay out your pastures so that you can separate the males and females. If you have enough acreage you may consider separate areas for the mothers and crias that are away from the maidens and open females. In order to maintain your pastures in prime condition it will be necessary to rotate the use of them to allow them to rest from time to time. This will ensure the best quality grass for your Alpacas to graze on.
Alpaca Farm Design – Maximize The Use of Your Acreage
Corridors – It will be important that your acreage is cross fenced with passage ways and gates so you may easily move your animals from one section to another. Whenever you need to handle your Alpacas to weigh, worm or shear them it will make life much easier if you can close off sections of your pastures in order to funnel your animals into small areas. Catching them is much less of a chore if you don’t have to chase them around a large pasture.

Barns – The layout of your barn is also an important consideration. Sectionalize your barn so there is a smooth work flow. As your herd increases in size, having efficient work stations will be increasingly important. Arrange your work areas so your Alpacas come in one end and then go out the other without having to retrace their steps.

An important item often overlooked is an area set up for recordkeeping. Set up a desk or table close to your work area so it will be easy to record weights, dates of worming and inoculations.

Prior to designing your farm, visit as many working farms as possible. Observe what works well and, perhaps more importantly, what does not. Take notes and make diagrams so you may incorporate the best points of each.

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