Alpaca Products – Turning Fiber into Gold

Raising of Alpacas should have one goal in mind. Producing the very highest quality Alpaca products possible!We will do that by producing the best fiber possible to use in the weaving of sweaters, socks, scarves and other clothing.

Alpaca fiber has been used for thousands of years to make clothing. In fact Alpaca garments in good condition have been found in Peruvian ruins dating back 2500 years. It is softer than cashmere and is stronger and warmer than wool. History books talk about President Lincoln wearing his favorite suit made from Alpaca fiber to a State function.

The fiber is processed in the same manner as wool. Once a year, in the spring, the animals are sheered and the fiber is separated into grades with the finest having the greatest value. Clean high quality fiber will range from $3 to $5 an ounce. A female will normally produce an average of 7 pounds and a male will produce an average of 10 pounds. An animal which produces fiber weighing 7 pounds and that fiber sells for $4 an ounce will bring in $448 in annual income. That amount will pay for feed, veterinary and other maintenance costs. This makes Alpacas one of the only types of livestock which pays for its own room and board.
Alpaca Products – Turning Fiber into Gold
Several mills have opened around the country which will process Alpaca fiber into yarn. That yarn can then be used to make clothing. There are also fiber coops which will turn that yarn into clothing at a wholesale price.

There is a burgeoning cottage industry built around spinning and weaving Alpaca fiber. This presents an opportunity to develop additional markets for your fiber. We have developed several programs to take advantage of this revenue stream and you may find the details of these programs on our web page entitled Spinning and Weaving.
The goal of any breeding plan should be producing the finest fiber possible. This will result in Alpaca products of outstanding quality, no matter if the products are sweaters, socks, clothing or the very best yarn available for weaving.