Ambria roman shades the simple but stylish choice

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“So your looking for something simple then ambria roman shades fit the bill.”

Simply put a flat piece of fabric when down over the window. When pulled up a stylish top treatment over your window.

Ambria roman shades the simple but stylish choice

The image above shows a cascading style roman shade. It also uses the clutch chain lift system to make it rise and fall. It works exactly the same as a roller blind. This lift systems costs a little more than the traditional cord pull system. The benefits though are no tying off the cords on a cleat hook. Also a smooth hassle free operation.

How do they work ?

As you pull the roman shade up it starts to fold into flat horizontal pleats one on top of the other until you reach the top. They have about 3 to 5 pleats when completely up.

How the shade makes it pleats as it rises is by means of wooden or fiberglass rods. These are spaced evenly down the blind (cascading romans the spaces increase in size) in pockets made of the lining fabric. Then rings are sewn at intervals across the rod pockets and thin cords run down the shade and tied securely to the rings on the bottom pocket.

When the cords reach the top of the roman shade (how many depends on the width of your shade). They then run across the top and down one side ready to be pulled to raise the shade.

How do you fit roman shades ?

You usually have a piece of timber covered in the same fabric as the ambria roman shade. This is attached to the top of the shade usually with vecro tape. This support the top of your shade and allows you to fit it either up into the window recess or to the wall over your window.