American History: Josiah Bartlett 1729 – 1795

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Josiah Bartlett was a signer of the Declaration of Independence from New Hampshire. He was also an accomplished physician and statesmen. His talent as a statement led to an influential run in the Continental Congress and eventually the Governor of New Hampshire.

Bartlett was born in 1729, Through his education he became fluent in Latin and Greek and had a love of medicine. In 1750 he began his own practice in the small frontier town of Kingston. He would marry his wife, Mary (his cousin) four years later and would raise 12 kids together.

Josiah was a man with many talents. Probably due to his influence as a doctor he became active in politics. He was elected to the colonial assembly in 1765 which would eventually lead to his becoming a delegate to the Continental Congress.

American History: Josiah Bartlett 1729   1795

Although he is relatively unknown for his role in the Continental Congress there are a few notable facts about his tenure. He was the first to be asked about Independence and he answered in the affirmative. John Hancock was the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence Josiah was the second. He also served on a committee that drafted the Articles of Confederation.

Josiah would eventually be elected Governor of New Hampshire where he would serve until 1794. He would retire and die a year later.

Although he was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Bartlett accomplished much in the field of medicine. He practiced medicine for 45 years and aided the Continental Army in the Battle of Bennington. Bartlett also used Peruvian Bark as a way to relieve the symptoms of throat distemper. This was important because this condition was serious for adults and fatal for children.