American History: Revolutionary War Generals

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Revolutionary War Generals had various responsibilities. Some were dynamic leaders and master tacticians. Others were organized and quartermasters. Regardless of their responsibilities they played an important role in developing the plot of the American Revolution.

During this time period it was assumed that men would conduct themselves as gentlemen and that the generals would not be targeted during the battle. If commanders were killed during the battle, then it was believed the battle would fall into chaos and there would be more carnage than necessary. This belief quite possibly saved George Washington’s life at the Battle of Brandywine.

American History: Revolutionary War Generals

However many of the guerrilla commanders did not follow the rules of being a gentlemen. Men like Francis Marion, Thomas Sumter, and even the traitor Benedict Arnold would target other generals in order to change the tide of the battle. This strategy of officer shooting was efffective at multiple battles including the battle of Saratoga.

American Commanders

Nathaniel Greene

Daniel Morgan

Israel Putnam

William Prescott

Joseph Warren

British Commanders

William Howe

John Burgoyne

John Pitcairn

Francis Smith

Banastre Tarleton