American History: The American Revolution

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The American Revolution is my crack of choice. Some people do drugs, some people drink beer, and some people spend themselves into oblivion, but I read history books and watch documentaries. Many who know me are surprised at how obsessed I am about history because to enjoy history you are required to be socially inept. Regardless, this is my passion. I’m not a scholar, just a regular guy who reads a ton of books in his spare time.

American History: The American Revolution

I don’t understand what it is about the American Revolution that captivates me. One would think that a bunch of guys running around in stockings with powdered wigs would be a turnoff, but I don’t think it is that bad. In fact, I think their hats were pretty cool. Perhaps it is the drama that I like, but I have a hard time dealing with teenage girls so that couldn’t possibly be it. Maybe it is the character of the men involved, but when one pushes through all the bias and actually sees the men for who they were one sees that they were just as perverse, just as ambitious, and just as scandalous as many of the politicians today are. So what is it that draws me to this era?

The answer, the soldiers. What causes a 20 year old man to leave his young wife and kids and walk through drifts of snow with no shoes? What causes men to stay even though they are starving? What causes men to stay even they have been soundly defeated by the greatest army in the world? What causes men to continue even though the dollars they were being paid was worthless. I can’t answer that question and I want to learn that answer. I have heard that Thomas Paine’s pen birthed this revolution, but I just can’t believe that. Common Sense merely recognized an idea that was already there. My quest is to find where that idea originated and along the way I will talk about some of the cool events and people that I learn about.