American History: William Whipple 1730 – 1785

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William Whipple was born in Kittey, Maine where he went to common schools. There he would learn the disciplines that would aid him throughout his life. After his education he became a merchant and at the age of 23 he became a Ship’s Master. In 1759, at the age of 29, he settled in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Whipple probably participated in the slave trade.

In 1776 he was elected to the Continental Congress where he would serve until 1779. During this time he would sign the Declaration of Independence. Whipple also served as Brigadier General of the New Hampshire militia. He would play a role in the Battle of Saratoga and the Battle of Stillwater. He also led a New Hampshire brigade in the Battle of Rhode Island.

American History: William Whipple 1730   1785

shortly after the war he became a judge of the Superior Court of New Hampshire. That appointment was short-lived though. Whipple died from heart failure while touring his circuit. He was buried in the Old North Burial Ground in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Whipple did own slaves. His personal slave Prince Whipple served him faithfully throughout his life. Although it does not excuse the sin of slavery, it does seem that Whipple treated his slaves well.