American Renaissance Festivals. Where exactly?

American Renaissance Festivals also called renaissance Fairies. Since the original event, Fairies have sprung up all over North America and into Canada, as well as many English speaking countries, you can also find that many other countries hold their own brand of Fairies, but predominant is the Fairies set to old English 15th 16th century festivals.

North America FairiesAmerican Renaissance Festivals. Where exactly?

The time and place of of the New York Renaissance Faire located in Tuxedo , takes place in sterling Forest Gardens from the first weekend of August until the last weekend of September.

American Renaissance Festivals. Where exactly?The Maryland Renaissance Faire, located near Annapolis, is considered the 2nd largest event of its kind in the USA, opened in 1977, it runs for 9 weekends every fall, in 2006 the weekends were August26-October22.

The Bristol Renaissance Faire, Kenosha, Wisconsin, has been around for more than thirty years, offering Arts and Crafts, goof and entertainment of 16th Century England, runs for 9 weekends, from early June ending on Labor Day.

The Arizona renaissance Faire, east of Phoenix runs 8 weekends February-April, its sister production the Carolina Renaissance Faire, located just north of Charlotte North Carolina runs 7 weekends October- November.

The Minnesota Renaissance Faire, Shakopee, Minnesota, runs weekends/Labor Day, during August and September, operated by Mid-America Festivals inc, which also manages the Michigan, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, renaissance fairies.

The Pennsylvania renaissance Faire, just north of Lancaster PA, held on its 35 acre shire, has close to 100 Tuder type Shoppes, 12 Stages, one of the largest jousting arenas outside of Europe, runs for 12 weekends Mid August-last weekend October.

American Renaissance Festivals. Where exactly?The Georgia Renaissance Faire, near Atlanta, runs for 8 weekends in the Spring.

The Texas Renaissance Faire, [TRF] Paynesville, just north of Houston, Runs 8 weekends in October-November, TRF has many participants, numbering in the tens of thousands during the weekends.

The Louisiana Renaissance Faire, this Faire operates for 6 weekends, from the 1st weekend in November until the 1st weekend in December.

Attendance at these American Renaissance Festivals is not limited to costume wearers, although I think the fun lies with costume wearers, especially as an ice breaker, being photographed and taking photographs, talking with others that are attired likewise, why don’t you attend a faire and live one day in a period of time.