An Amazing Night In Knoxville, Tennessee

My destination from Burbank airport in California was Knoxville, Tennessee. I followed the passengers boarding the plane. I was seated by the window. The plane was crowded. It had one stop-over. I arrived at 5:30 p.m. Somebody from the HCA agency was there to meet me. We picked up my suitcases. It took twenty minutes to get to the Knoxville hotel. I was pre-registered. I picked up the key. The porter took care of my suitcases. I was instructed to assemble at the lobby at 7:00 p.m. with the other recruits. I called my sister and then rested for a while. I was tired and very sick.

In my room, I got up and got ready. At the lobby, there were lots of recruits as indicated by their name tags. I joined the group. We were directed to the restaurant. The restaurant was crowded but tables were reserved for us. I shared the table with two recruits. We introduced each other. The waitress came over to write down our orders. I listened as the conversation went on. Both were excited. The food arrived but the conversation continued. The ladies had lots of questions. I tried not to talk to avoid coughing. After dinner, one HCA representative led us to a conference room. We were officially welcomed by the HCA representatives. They instructed us to meet again at the lobby at seven o’clock the next morning. Those of us who wanted to see the city at night were welcomed to do so. We would have another chance the next night.

An Amazing Night In Knoxville, Tennessee

Everybody wanted to go out to see Knoxville at night. I went out with the ladies I met at dinner. We went back to the lobby and waited for a cab. The Rocking Horseshow Club, was a popular show. It was located at the downtown area. We passed the Vanderbilt University campus. It was huge. People with heavy coats strolled, some coming in and out of the stores. The cab stopped in front of the club. It was crowded. Inside, western music were played. Couples wearing boots danced to the music. We sat at a table close to the dance floor. I settled for a soda while the rest ordered beer.

A gentleman approached our table and invited one of the ladies to dance. They went to the dance floor. I found out that the show was nationally televised. I watched the dancers with awe, doing tricky steps. The music was loud but I didn’t mind. An hour later, one of the ladies wanted to go back to the hotel. I went back with her. Inside my room, I prepared the things I needed for the next day. I showered, took my medicine and went to bed. The wake up call was at six o’clock. The medicine took effect and I fall asleep. I woke up before the wake up call but stayed in bed for a while.

Some recruits were already at the lobby. The HCA representative came over and told us to follow her. We were led to the same restaurant where we had our dinner. I joined four ladies in the table. We introduced ourselves. Two of the ladies were from Canada. The waiter came over for our orders. The ladies started asking questions when they found out that one of us had been in Riyadh before. The waiter came back with our orders. The conversation continued.