Ancient Rome – The Story that adds Intrigue to your Perfect Vacation

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The history of ancient Rome is amongst the best documented and preserved of any culture known to the modern world. Established over 2,700 years ago, and nestling amongst the surrounding seven hills, ancient Rome occupied less than 10% of the city boundaries seen today.

The history of Rome is still taught in our schools today, and Emperors such as Julius Caesar dominated life in a way that few today could contemplate. There are many well preserved pieces of ancient Roman art, and the Roman Catholic Church is as relevant to millions now, as it was on its first inception.

You don’t have to look hard to find traces of history in today’s city, and you can still see a modern version of the Roman Gladiator (actors in period costume) when you visit The Colosseum, for example. Any picture of Rome is likely to pick out one of the many ancient monuments, all of which have their story to tell.

Ancient Rome   The Story that adds Intrigue to your Perfect Vacation

Roman history surrounds you when you travel to this beautiful city and the stories of the Caesar and Imperial Rome, the later founding of the Republic, the early Christians, The Popes and modern Catholicism, the medieval and renaissance years, through baroque to modern times hold a fascination that is hard to resist

Wherever you choose to stay when you travel Rome, you are sure to find echoes of the past. The stories of ancient Rome underline the importance of the modern, bustling, city you see today and provide a fantastic backdrop to your perfect vacation.

Ancient Rome provided a focal point for a vast Empire, so vast that at one time it was decided to share the responsibility between four Emperors. The city’s expansion was amply funded by trade and taxes that paid for the many lavish buildings still seen today.

The Emperors were keen to advertise their many military triumphs abroad by creating magnificent structures like The Forum, The Baths and The Pantheon which made Rome the greatest city of ancient times.