Animal dreams – Q & A

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Dream Question: I dreamt I was in an open type of zoo setting. I watched six elephants, all tethered together, two by two. I watched them with my 10 year old son. The elephants carried baby elephants on their backs.

As they crossed a creek over a small natural looking rock bridge, suddenly two of the elephants broke free and stampeded away, making loud noise and the stamping made the ground shake. Two people nearby were almost trampled but were not hurt. They were very scared and began crying but they were unhurt.

The elephants ran away through a narrow area such as a cavern. It was so strange that they started out seemingly tame, and out of six, only two became wild and broke away from the group. Any help you could provide about this would be great.

(Some of my research suggests elephants represent some type of prosperity or wealth. Maybe the two elephants represent someone or something out of control in my life, but the remaining 4 represent a solid foundation of some sort?)
Animal dreams   Q & A
Answer: Your dream is definitely symbolic. Think about the emotion in the dream and how it matches up to your current situations in waking life.

I would suggest the elephants represent the steadfast aspects of intelligent curiosity, loyalty and patience… and most of them ‘carry’ (the babies) these qualities. In other words, yourself.

Your observations about the ‘wild’ ones seem to be right on target – that you have some differences of opinion within yourself, but it may not necessarily be a bad thing. Sometimes shaking (the trampling and all that) things up a bit is okay as long as you have a solid foundation (the 4 elephants).

Dream Question:Dream Question: What does it mean when you dream a black dog is attacking you?

Answer: Dogs are considered man’s best friend because of their unconditional loyalty. Perhaps you are feeling betrayed, or suspicious of being attacked in some way by a friend or relative?

Dream Question: My dreams are spotted with fire dark waters and death. I have had many dream experiences over the years that I have successfully interpreted.

My dreams of late have been troubled and specific animals and insects are the norm. A yellow cat is always being chased by a yellow dog.

The dog is taking bites out of a community of spiders that seem to be suspended in mid air but the spiders appear to be a small town or community. The fire is always in the middle of a muddy road and the dark waters are sometimes calm but also at times rolling torrents.

There is always violence and death in those dreams. I am an Odinist and have been for a very long time. I can’t seem to get the message with these dreams. Thank you for your time.

Answer: These are dreams of anxiety – or release dreams. A good way to get those flashes of insight is to write down what is currently going on in your life including what you are thinking about, even the ones you tend to push aside. This is the stuff of dreams.

Have you heard the term “yellow dog”? It means someone who is afraid to speak one’s mind. Cats are fiercely independent and perhaps the “yellow cat” kind of goes along with that…afraid to be one’s self.

Spiders can be creative and helpful, but they are also cunning and deceitful. You answered the question yourself about their representation – a community of sorts: it could be your family, your place of work, your odinist circle, or even the community that resides within yourself.

The fire, dark waters, muddy road(path)etc…is probably just setting the emotional stage.

You can also go back into one of the dreams in a light meditation and talk to the spiders and find out what they know. This is a great exercise as it puts your intuition to use.