Annie’s Choice quilt block

Annie’s Choice quilt block is a very easy block made of just 12 half square triangles. It is made with two fabrics.


1. Make 16 half square triangles. There are many ways to make this unit. The method I am going to be teaching you, makes 8 units at one time. For this method you need a sewing machine.

a. Cut two 8 inch squares from the light fabric.

b. Cut two 8 inch squares from the dark fabric.

c. Draw 2 lines corner to corner on the light fabric. You will be making an X

d. Put one light and one dark fabric with right sides together.

e. Sew 1/4 inch from both sides of the diagonal lines.

f. Cut the square in half, then fourths, and final cut each small square on the diagonal line.

g. Repeat steps c-f on the other two squares of fabric
h. Press toward darker fabric. Trim to desired size.

Annies Choice quilt block
2. Sew your half square triangle units in rows. Use the picture above for placement.

3. Press each row. The rows should be pressed in opposite direction for easy sewing. Rows 1 & 3 should go in one direction and rows 2 & 4 should go in the opposite direction.

4. Sew rows 1 & 2 together and rows 3 & 4 together

5. Sew the two above units(1&2,3&4) together. Press seams flat

You have now finished making Annie’s Choice quilt block.