Anxiety in children

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Why is your child unsettled and stressed?

Child anxiety is now a common complaint. Did you know your child’s stresses are not your fault? Would you like to have a happy and content child?

The answers are here … and it is simple.

You now live in a world where the day to day stresses are huge. The stress and anxiety around your child are completely different to your own childhood.

Just look at the changes in such a short time …

Children now watch TV all day, play o computers, have cell phones … they have mental stimulation almost 24 hours a day.

They also pick up on the stresses of their parents. Yes … children learn from what you do, not what you say.

Children are now seeing their parents work long hours, have enormous work pressures and deadlines, parents are stressed tired and generally rundown.

Your child now picks up on this and it affects heir stress levels … yes they mimic you.

How has this happened … you need help now!
Stress is anything you expend energy on.

It is as simple as that. If your child is in front of the TV or a computer, they are actually using energy. Their brain is taking in information and expending energy in the process.

Aside: Violent programs or programs with erratic fast movement are worse. They create a larger stimulation and hence moiré energy is used.

Once energy levels decrease, the mind is the first to change … and here is the problem.

Your child’s mind reacts … it will over react or under react.

In an over-active state … anxiety occurs.

In an under-active state … depression happens.

What determines whether you get child anxiety or child depression is this…

The last straw!

As the saying goes … ‘the last straw breaks the camels back’.

It is time and all the stresses which sets your child up to accumulate the anxiety. The final straw tips the mind over and creates the change.

If the final straw is a more ‘stressful’ situation then depression develops. If the final straw is more an ‘energy’ stress, anxiety happens.

With either way, depression or anxiety, the problem is the same. It is only the symptoms that are different.

Your child needs help!

Anxiety in children

So what can you do? Do you need radical changes, medication or therapy?


Whether it is child anxiety or child depression, the answer is the same. You need to use ways to improve the energy of your child and to place in coping mechanisms for stress.

The problems are this, most orthodox methods are:

  • Time consuming
  • Boring
  • Take time to work

Children need ways to eliminate anxiety without taking time away from their day to day life.

There are a few simple things you can do to help:

Limit TV and Computer Time

  • Limit means cut down not cut out. Reduce the time and replace the time with more outdoor activity. Encourage watching a few different types of programs, ones with less fast paced movement on the screen. Parental control is best and sometimes arguments will occur. Have some days, especially in weekends, where there is a TV free day.

Exercise Outdoors

  • Make it a habit to do exercise at least a few times a week. Go to a park, run around, fly kites, kick a ball around or just go fro a walk. Set aside a time in the weekend to do ‘kids activities’. Let them choose an activity, one they enjoy. It could be mini golf, or play a game or whatever. It may even be as simple as going for a ride on the bus. But a children’s time for them … good for Mum and Dad also.


  • Children need time with no mental stimulation. Time away from TV, music or reading. Just simple play time. Or time sitting and doing nothing, it can be done while going for a walk. No stimulation means no talking also … if possible. It helps to quiet and calm the mind and naturally releases stress.


  • As the saying goes … ‘laughter is the best medicine’. Do fun things, children’s things. Bring up activity you remember from your own childhood and have your children do it also. Play games like hide and seek, or tag or anything else. Make it fun and enjoyable. The internet is now a great resource to find out many games and activities you can go at home or out and about.

 Learn to reduce stress

  • Finally there are simple ways to teach the body and mind to eliminate anxiety, depression and stress. Using simple, natural proven and ancient techniques, you can now eliminate stress. They take only minutes to do; your child can do them as well as yourself. They are perfect to do while in front of TV. My children’s rules are simple …. Watching TV … doing these techniques …

Child anxiety is common; it is also an easy issue to address. Children should be happy, relaxed and content. It is today’s society that has created the child anxiety problems.

Learning to eliminate and prevent stress in your child and more importantly in yourself is the key. Children learn from their parents … from what you do not say.

If your child sees you more relaxed, happy and content, then child anxiety will be an issue of the past. Child anxiety should never be a part of your child’s life.