Any ideas for curtains for my unusual window?

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I have a conventional window which is three panels wide with a radiator below. Right next to this is a set of french doors which obviously go right to the floor.

Do you have any ideas for a window treatment. There is very little room between the window and door to have two curtains (one short, one long). I did think about a romam blind and a set of curtains but again thought this would be odd.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.



Any ideas for curtains for my unusual window?
Hi Katherine

The way I would dress this window would br to fit a decorative curtain pole over your window. Then hang a pair of floor length curtains on this pole. They do not have to be working curtains. So you will not need them to full width. So you won’t be covering the radiator.

Then I would fit a pair on roman blinds to the french doors, So they move with the doors. Then you have a choice for the 3 panel window to the side. Either one wide roman blind or 3 smaller width roman blinds. If your window is over about 7ft wide then i would go with the 3 blinds option.

So to recap the pole and curtains are to just dress the window. Then the romans are for covering your windows on a daily basis.

I hope my design idea appeals to you.

Best regards