Aphrodite – Your Fabulous Goddess Within

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Champagne, strawberries and chocolate…in bed…with your lover
Aphrodite supposedly means “born from foam” and refers to the goddess being born from the white foam of a wave and washed ashore on the island of Cyprus. Maybe the fresh sea water was her beauty recipe? Because this Greek goddess is widely considered the most beautiful of them all (but don’t tell Hera or Athena – they’ll be jealous!).

If Aphrodite is your goddess within you love anything beautiful – and you love making yourself beautiful. Expensive creams and French perfumes, designer clothes in exquisite materials, Prada shoes, Hermes handbags and Bulgari jewellery – that’s your style. Or would be your style if you could afford it. Whatever your income is, your highest expense is on all that stuff you need making yourself beautiful.

Aphrodite   Your Fabulous Goddess Within

As if her natural beauty isn’t enough to attract whoever she might fancy, this Greek goddes also has a magic girdle – wearing that belt makes her absolutely irresistible. Like her, you know what makes you attractive – and use this for all it is worth. You can flirt yourself away from having to pay the fee for carrying too much luggage onto the plane (when traveling of course you shop clothes and shoes), or charm yourself off with a warning instead of a fine for speeding. Your warm, natural charm and loving nature is a door opener.

To call Aphrodite a superficial shopping queen and spendthrift would be wrong. The Greek goddess Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, the god of crafts – and she knew good handcraft when she saw it. If Aphrodite is your inner goddess you separate stylish, good quality and unique art from simple mass production. You don’t go for copies, you want original stuff. And you’d be happy to support the young, talented artist – whether he’s painting, making sculptures or designing shoes or clothes. You’ll be equally happy if you could be an artist or designer yourself – but we wouldn’t expect any disturbing or upsetting art or designs from you. Aphrodite wants to make the world a more beautiful place to be.

Aphrodite   Your Fabulous Goddess Within

And yes, the world probably would be a more beautiful place if Aphrodite got to rule it. Make love, not war, is her motto – at least the god of war, Ares, her Big love, stopped fighting when he went to bed with her…If Aphrodite is your inner goddess you probably fall easily in love and have had your share of passionate relationships. Somehow, when a new love comes along, he easily seems much bigger than the one you already have. Love, romance and lovers will always play a big part in your life. And isn’t the most beautiful way to spend a day to lie between the silk sheets of your comfortable bed, with a lover, drinking Moet & Chandon and feeding each other with chocolate and strawberries…and some nice creamy cakes…and a bit more chocolate – you absolutely love sweets! Luckily, sex is such a great fat burner.

The Greek goddess had kids with Hermes, Dionysus and Poseidon (her child with Hermes being nor man, nor woman is called Hermaphrodite). With Anchises she has the son Aeneas, one of the heroes from the Trojan war. And it might very well be that you too have children with several men. I’m even sure you can tell each child that you were very much in love with his or her father. Your children are born from love and practical concerns like how to get a big enough house or being able to afford their education is pushed aside. Despite your love for the fine things in life, love will always be more important to you than money. And funnily, money matters has a way to sort themselves out, sometimes with the help of a lover, but often because you make what you need yourself…

  • Career: Star, beauty queen, model, artist, designer, working in an art gallery, jobs in perfume and make up industry, making chocolate, sweets or cakes
  • Hobby: Baking cakes and eating them, shopping for clothes, shoes, jewellery and handbags
  • Home: The boudoir is the most important room in your house and you’ll make it as luxurious and comfortable as you can afford – see this article for ideas. A fridge for champagne and chocolate should be nearby – though you can always send your lover out for refills.
  • Husband: Sorry, it should be husbands.
  • Holidays: A luxurious spa, a five star hotel