Approved Sportsbooks

If you are searching for the best online sportsbook we have several of our most recommended sportsbooks listed below. We strive to make sure our customers are playing with the best sportsbooks and receive the best possible treatment. Internet sportsbooks allow you to get all the benefits of a Las Vegas book right in your home. All of our approved sites have great sign up bonuses and long track records of prompt payouts and excellent customer service.

We’ve separated this section into two parts. U.S. and Non U.S. Approved Sportsbooks. Just click on the name of the sportsbook you’re interested in for a full review!

Top U.S. Approved Sportsbooks

Bookmaker – This is the place where all lines start. Most books will not even open a betting line until these oddsmakers have established the number. The days of watching Las Vegas have long since past. This is one of those high-volume approved sportsbooks that takes $5,000 bets as routinely as most books take $100 bets. This is where professional players play. In a day where successful players find that their limits are cut for winning too much, players can win without limit and get paid with a smile into the millions of dollars.

TheGreek – A must-have sportsbook for the veteran sports investor who enjoys following the odds almost as much as betting them. Simply put, no one offers more betting options and offers them faster than TheGreek. This bookmaker is known for their ability to set the early market odds on events without having to worry about weak lines. Professional players are well aware that getting a crack at the early line is worth as much as, and sometimes more than, huge bonuses or reduced prices. TheGreek’s fearless, yet smart bookmaking style is what keeps everyone watching, including most other sportsbooks.

5 Dimes – A great book that welcomes large players and offers attractive bonuses for the small player. 5Dimes offers a wide variety of original betting lines for nearly every sporting event. This shop is known for having the most extensive selections of betting odds in the industry.

Bet Jamaica – An excellent choice for players who are looking for the industry’s strongest combination of bookmaking and professional management. With the solid backing of TheGreek, BetJamaica offers an unique line set, not a clone of its parent company. This operation excels by offering attractive bonuses, reduced juice, and superior customer service.

Legendz – A strong choice for the recreational gambler looking for a book he can rely on for quality and fairness, and demands payouts seven days a week. Also provides some of the best customer service in the industry.

Diamond Sportsbook – Has built a reputation as a generous sportsbook that puts a premium on quality service to all types of players. From the player who demands it all, including office pools, a poker room, horse wagering and skill games, to the larger player who needs a no-nonsense high-limit sportsbook.

Approved Sportsbooks

BetOnline – A good choice for the new or experienced bettor, especially those seeking high wagering limits. BetOnline also excels in phone wagering for those players. Along with a top level service, this is a great book that offers incentives and high value to the bettor.

Bodog - is a book that aims to keep betting fun. The company sees itself as a premier provider of a top-shelf gaming entertainment experience. Bodog knows that this can not be accomplished if gamblers are struggling through the betting process, so the emphasis is put on simplicity and ease of use.

Top Non U.S. Approved Sportsbooks

Pinnacle – Offers players the best lines in the business. Pinnacle operates on a lower profit margin than other books. They are successful in part because they do not offer costly bonus and promotional gimmicks.

BetCris – Is the place where all lines start. Most books will not even open a line until CRIS has established the number. The days of watching Las Vegas have long since past. This is a high-volume book that takes $5,000 bets as routinely as most books take $100 bets.

Ladbrokes – It seems that Ladbrokes have thought of everything from a customer point of view! The website is loaded with information and useful hints and tips. Navigation is smooth and simple. Their consistency gives us great confidence in recommending them to you.

Will Hill – Is one of the biggest bookmakers in the United Kingdom, and the traditional market rival to Ladbrokes. There is typically little different between these two gambling industry titans in terms of quality and at the end of the day you cannot make a wrong or bad choice selecting one or the other.

Canbet – This is one of those great approved sportsbooks that caters from the casual $1 bettor right up to high rollers and syndicate bettors. Their Internet limits and maximum payouts are amongst the largest available online with even larger amounts available via the Telephone.

VictorChandler – Is one of the longest running bookmakers. They’ve been around for 60+ years and offer some top online betting opportunities at good strong prices.

Bet365 – Is an excellent book for small and mid size players that desire many different available sports to bet on as well as being financially secure. There are hundreds of props on major sports. Bet365 also offers everything from greyhound racing to handball and dart tournaments.

Paddy Power – Is Ireland’s largest bookmaker. Paddy Power is one of only a handful of bookies that will give you an extensive range of markets and great odds. Check out their new mobile (cell phone) betting if you like to bet on the go. Bets with Paddy Power have three possible outcomes – win, lose or money back and there’s always something new on the site.

Remember the importance of having multiple sportsbooks in order to get the best possible lines. It only takes a few extra minutes a day but the benefits are tremendous. This is an often overlooked yet crucial element to becoming a successful sports bettor.