Arab Street Singapore – Shopping Destination for Locals and Visitors

What will you buy at Arab Street?

I went there recently and thought of browsing through the shops without intention of buying things.

Well, I ended up at one shop buying a hat.
The hat is beautiful and cheaper than those sold at big shopping malls.

It was made of natural fiber – imported either from Indonesia or Malaysia.

I am sure if you go there, you’ll find something for you or family at home.

Arab Street is famous for shops selling textiles, carpets, fragrance oil, rattan, and handicraft from Indonesia, India, and Malaysia.

And, if you heard about the rattan handicraft, the shop is located at number 58.

The fragrance oils sold here are favorable to the Muslim people. I guessed because they are not allowed to use alcohol-base perfume.

In the past, this street was a Muslim Center occupied by Malays and other Muslims such as Arab, Indian, Bugis, and Javanese.

This place was a trading centre where they do export-import goods to fulfill the needs of various Muslim communities.

Today, this street is still a favorite shopping place for local Muslim and everyone including tourist.

If you are looking for fabrics, you’ll find any kind of fabrics here from Batik to Jersey, Organza, Finest Lace, Chiffon, Silk, and Luxury Fabrics which can cost you thousands of dollars per meter.

This is how the street look like:

Arab Street Singapore   Shopping Destination for Locals and Visitors

How to get there?
Take the MRT and alight at Bugis Station (EW12) and walk along Victoria Street.