Arabella- The Accommodation

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This page is for people who have been to one of the Cape or Wine District golf tours and want to stay a little longer. Or perhaps you were farther north and do not want to leave without a taste of the Cape. Then again, you may want to have it included in a tailor made tour.

Arabella! Italian for beautiful land. And those Italians sure know how to recognize beauty when they see it. The Arabella Country Estate is a 5 star deluxe accommodation located on the banks of the Bot River in the Western Cape. Luxurious and relaxing are the first two words that come to mind about accommodation here. A wonderful Spa and Wellness Center are available. Also available is a Turkish Bath, a full gym, hydrotherapy, aroma therapy and aqua-arobics to mention a few. Anyone who has partaken of these does not want to leave in a big hurry, especially to go back to the ‘rat race’. Care and attention are two things you do not have to search out or demand here. They are everywhere and freely available. This is the perfect spot to close that huge international deal or to reward outstanding employees with. It is also a perfect spot to just get away from it all at and golf.

Arabella  The Accommodation

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The Golf Course

The Arabella Golf Course is an 18 hole course that measures 6385m and is a Par 72. In 1999 Golf Digest Magazine awarded it the title of the best new golf course opened that year in South Africa. The architect was Peter Matkovich who is also a master at creating challenging golf courses and weaving the natural attributes of the location into his designs. It is sometimes hard to know what is human design and what was there already.
Picture this. You are standing on the eighth hole which is a par-five. As your eye wanders down toward the flag’s position, you are clearly looking at a long V with trees on the left. Where you stand is fairly wide. Where you are hoping the ball lands is fairly narrow. There is water to the left, water to the right and water beyond the flag. Accuracy is a must but an easy enough hole. Par 5 must be a mistake! NOT! And no one warned you about the Cape Winds? ok, lets reword that. Extreme accuracy is required. Now that 9th looks easy. Well except for that lagoon and all that vegetation. It might be a good idea to book one of the excellent caddies in advance. On a course like this one, especially the first time around, you will think they are heaven sent. That Spa is going to be a welcome sight if I – well ok, you – ever get out of the 19th hole! Then there is always the self-satisfaction earned on a course like this one and it can stay with you for ever.
For the non-golfers in your party, there is some interesting excursions on the agenda. The Fernkloof Nature Reserve, a sanctuary for flowers, birds and game, is in the Kleinrivier Mountains. There are footpaths here for walking for close ups of the vegetation that grows here. There are over 90 different species of birds for the birdwatcher and wildlife such as rhebok, grysbok and dassies. This is another place to bring a camera for the views are spectacular. For a better look at Fernkloof have a look at their site.

Also for non-golfers -

  • Hamilton Russell Wine Estate – see how the wine is made and get in on the wine tasting
  • Duncan’s Rose Gardens
  • Houwhoek Farm Stall