Are we breathing healthy air?

Our health is not just about the foods we eat, it is also the need to breathe Healthy Air.

Good clean air is a necessity, we breathe air into our lungs, and this oxygenates our blood. It also can poison our blood, and our system, like commonly thought of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Are we breathing healthy air?

Many Studies show that our indoor air pollution can be many times, more dangerous than that of our outdoor air pollution, as much as 75% more.
What’s bothersome is we spend the greatest amount of our time indoors; this makes us very vulnerable to the ill effects of poor air quality.

Especially babies, children and the elderly, and anyone who doesn’t get outside much.

What pollutes our home air? Many things we don’t even think about put dangerous chemicals into the air we breathe. Some products in our homes for example have formaldehyde. Like carpeting, permanent press fabrics, cosmetics, and cleaners

Products that are made with dangerous chemicals, have the potential of releasing toxins into the air we breathe. Many of the things used in our homes do just that.

We need to reduce the chemicals we use in our homes, and buy natural products that are safe.

It is essential for our health to breathe Healthy Air.