Are You Clueless About Snowboards? Read on…

Are you a bit clueless as to what board type is for what?! What you need?! AND where you need it?!

Take a few seconds to read over the following descriptions, it will help you to Buy a board that’s right for you!

And for more helpful hints on Snowboard Sizing and Snowboard stance click the links below  From the beginning levels of linking turns, to pushing your limits down a mountain at a quick decent, free ride is a board type for that all mountain adventure. You can go anywhere, open terrain, across to back country areas, get in amongst the power, and trees, and most boards will allow for time spent in the park, on on a fresh pipe.

The most general style of snowboarding with versatile equipment makes free riding an enjoyable experience. Free riding used a soft boot, and boards are usually relatively longer and have a more direction shape. If you’re not sure which type of terrain you enjoy, or you like to try everything, this is your style.


FreeStyle Riding focuses on tricks jumps rails slides half pipes and of course riding switch. By far one of the most interesting snowboarding styles to watch, you see pros really show off their stuff. most resorts have free styling facilities and parks for freestyle riding.

Are You Clueless About Snowboards? Read on...


Uses a soft boot and a shortish board which is easily maneuverable. The board will handle well on jumps and is great for spinning in the air or switching sides.

Some snowboards are designed for specific purposes, such as sole use on the half pipe, on rails, and mean more precision on certain obstacles. These boards do not work as well outside there selected area of expertise.

Perhaps the most popular snowboarding competition style Freestyle provides some great entertainment

Racing or Freecarve

A style more focuses on carving and racing, used in alpine boarding, it takes place on hard packed groomed snow, with specialist runs designed for speed and racing. Jumping is minimal if any taken place, and this style requires great discipline.


Uses a Hard boot, and place binding system, with stiff boards that are narrow and reasonably long.

This style of boarding is also commonly used in competition, modeled off racing on skis, with giant slalom and has been even been made an Olympic event with racers maneuvering around poles.