Are you dreaming of magic?

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Creative Dreaming is the topic of the month, which could also be called Dream Incubation, or even Dream Magic!

If you haven’t yet used your dreams for problem solving, then you are missing out on a wonderful tool Are you dreaming of magic?

I prefer to think of creative dreaming as Dream Magic. The word MAGIC invokes excitement and feelings of wonder which is very appealing to the subconscious mind and makes an impression.

Your dreaming mind will pick up on this impression and go to work on fulfilling your creative intentions. Your job while awake is to be as specific as you can about what your dream intentions are.

There are many different ways to do this. For instance, suppose you have some issues with a relationship in your life…such as a spouse, child, parent, friend and so on.

The simplest way to invoke your creative dreaming ability is to picture this person in your mind as you are falling asleep and silently ask for problem solving assistance in your dreams.

Are you dreaming of magic?

Well, chances are you’ve probably already done something like this in the past and it really doesn’t work that well does it?

It didn’t work because you are not being specific enough AND there just isn’t enough emotion involved to make that needed impression. That impression needs to stand out amongst the thousands of other impressions that sift through our brains on any given day.

This is where the magic part comes in! We can give our dreaming intention a boost in the form of a simple ritual.

I don’t mean with robes, candles and incantations (athough you could certainly do that if you wished), I just mean a 5 minute period of focused thought. You will have more success in getting answers through your dreams, and with each success, your confidence in this process is strengthened.

Here is a really simple ritual that works:

    • Just before turning out your light to fall asleep, write down your situation that you would like help with, or a specific question that you’d like an answer to and read it aloud to yourself. Stick it under your pillow.
  • Tell yourself that you will remember your dreams when you awake and that your answer will be forthcoming. If you don’t happen to remember anything, then be on the look out for clues during the day while awake. Many times you will get insight ‘just out of the blue’, but in reality, your subconscious mind knows just what to do.