Are you having a hard time catching a horse?

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The easiest way to catch a horse is to pretend you don’t want to catch him. Try this. Go into your horses enclosure and sit down. Even lie down. It will only take a few minutes for your horse to get curious about what is going on. Just sit or lie there and your horse will come over and sniff you. Don’t move just lie there relaxed with no intention of catching him. When your horse relaxes reach out and rub him. Get up and rub him all over his body. Then put a rope around his neck and lead him off.

If your horse is really hard to catch. Keep him in a 50 ft pen if you can. Enter the pen. If your horse moves away from you, send the horse off around you in a circle. Make him circle you about 5 or 6 times and then change direction. Now, watch for signs, a lowering of the head, an ear cocked toward you and licking of the lips. When this happens, stop and back up. The horse should stop and look at you, at this point let him rest. After he rests, walk toward him. If you see he is going to leave stop and back up. Walk toward him again. If he leaves start the procedure all over again. Make it easy for him to be near you and difficult when he wants to leave. Pretty soon he will realize if he wants to rest he better get close to you.

Are you having a hard time catching a horse?

Once you do catch your horse, do some fun things. Don’t just saddle him up get on a go. Brush him and rub on him. Some days I didn’t ride I just took her for a walk. Came back brushed her and put her away. Or did some fun groundwork.

When you do ride your horse don’t hang on his mouth or use spurs. This will associate you with being uncomfortable. If you cause discomfort your horse will not want to be with you.

Horse training can be fun if you don’t think of it as horse training…Think of it as playing with your horse.