Are You Looking For Cute Baby Shower Clipart?

Elvis Elvis

Well, look no further! We’ve added a variety of clipart images that are great for:

  • invitations
  • thank you cards
  • shower game cards
  • nametags
  • placemats
  • raffle tickets

Or whatever your imagination can come up with and you’ll save money too!

This means you’ll have more money for decorations, favors, or food.

Your invitations will have a personal touch that bought invitation won’t have and the mother-to-be will appreciate your hard work.

Are You Looking For Cute Baby Shower Clipart?

Download FREE clipart

Baby Shower Clipart 1

Baby Shower Clipart 2

Baby Shower Clipart 3

How Do You Use The Clipart?

After you’ve downloaded the images, use the Snapshot Tool on the toolbar on the downloaded page to highlight the image you want (it looks like a camera and is next to the word ‘Select’).

This saves the image to your Clipboard.

Now go to MSWord. We prefer to work with textboxes because we can move the images around easily.

The icon should be on the bottom of your screen. It looks like a lined page with a capital A.

Click this somewhere on your page and expand to the size you want. Make sure your cursor is in the textbox.

Next, go to:

  • View
  • Toolbars
  • Clipboard

Click on the small white page that appears on the clipboard icon. This will paste the image in your textbox and you can then move it to the area you want.

You will use this to print or copy your invitations onto a good quality card stock. Keep in mind whether you will be using a quarter-fold invitation or a half-fold invitation. If you choose the quarter-fold invitation, you won’t need a heavy card stock.