Are You Open To A Different Point Of View?

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Everyone has a different point of view on every event or situation that occurs. This is such a simple idea, but, so often we forget it. There are times when we are so focused on what we see or how we interpret something that our minds are closed off to any opposing view point.

This, unfortunatelly, shows up at the most unfortunate times. During intense situations our focus can be so pinpointed in one direction that we refuse to even accept the ideas, suggestions or solutions put forth by other people.

We become so engrossed in being right and in forcing our point home that we cannot even see the effects it may be having on someone else.

What is the cost?
Anger, frustration, wounding words, deeply hurt feelings, damaged relationships, lack of respect, unmended fences, and many other negative effects are the cost of needing to be right and not being able to see beyond our own point of view.

Slow down and take a deep breath. Walk away if things begin to spiral out of control. Take a moment to step back and realize what is more important. Being right or respecting another and realizing that there is more then just your way to see the situation.

Once you take a moment to calmly and openly think about it, you may possibly realize that there are many different points of view and opinions out there in this big beautiful world.

Are You Open To A Different Point Of View?

Some may be similar to yours and some will vary greatly.
What is important is to be able to realize that there is more then one way to see this world. There are many different ideas, opinions, and opposing view points and that none of them are necessarily wrong or right.

What we have in common is that we share these differances. Neither right or wrong ~they are just ideas and opinions. Being open and accepting is more important then being right. Being open and able to accept a different point of view can make a world of difference.