Are You Setting Smart Goals?

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How does the way you chose your Goals influences your return from The Law Of Attraction?

Smart Goals are goals which are in harmony with Your Own Holy Contract. As soon as you find such a goal, it will be easy to manifest it. I will show you how!

Unfortunately there are more people who fail to reach their dream Goals than there are people who succeed doing it. It does not matter how long and hard they try, to many people it does not seem to work. This is why I am doing this page, to sort out the conceptions of Goal Setting and to help you make it as easy as possible to be, do and have anything you want.

I am doing this as a Psychic, getting my information from Spirits.

First of all, it is not smart to set a Goal that gives you another direction than that of Your Own Holy Contract.

You can not be released from Your Own Holy Contract, no matter what, until you have learned your life lesson and passed the exam for this lifetime. Not even Angels or Spirits can release you from this until you are done. There are, however, things you can do to improve this special learning that I will address later on.

Are You Setting Smart Goals?

If you set a Goal that is against this contract, you will experience unnecessary resistance, difficulties and failures. It will take you a lot of effort and the results will be small, temporary or none at all and you will not feel any satisfaction about it.

It is smart to set Smart Goals that aligns and harmonizes with Your Own Holy Contract. I would say, it is a waste of time not to do so!

It is easy and important to test your Goal. All you need to do is to relax, close your eyes and visualize yourself having reached your Goal already. Then pay attention to how you feel about it. If it is a good Goal, you will have overwhelming feelings filled with happiness, freedom and peace all together. You need to change or modify your Goal if you do not feel this strongly when you visualize the result and outcome of your Goal.

Pay attention to, that it is not the feeling around REACHING the Goal, that matters here. Those can be limiting blocks which you need to take care of later.

After you have selected a Smart Goal, it is time for you to order it and transplant it into your subconscious mind.

Please don´t do as Sir Malcolm, who made everything for his new suit to fit:

“When Sir Malcolm comes to the tailor to try his ordered suit,he finds it too tight over the shoulders and the arms too short.
- Don´t worry, it will be fine, says the tailor encouraging. Just raise your shoulders and press your arms towards your body a little. Very good, much better!
- Yes, but now my lounge is quite …too …short …in the back.
- Just a mere nothing, says the tailor, bow your back a little and squat down at the same time and your suit will fit like a day in spring. That´s it!
- The trousers, says Sir Malcolm.
- Trousers?
- Too short, says Sir Malcolm.
The tailor sighs.
- Bend your knees a little and the problem will be solved.
Satisfied by the fact that the suit at last seems to fit, Sir Malcolm pays and walks out to the street. Two women pass by. When they are out of sight, one of them says:
- Did you see what a fabulous nice suit that poor cripple had!”

Do you see what I mean?

  • Find your Smart Goals!
  • Rank your Goals and choose which one to work with!
  • Find the feelings around the Goal!
  • Frame the Goal correctly!
  • Transform your written Goal into a Quantum Hologram!
  • Transplant your Quantum Hologram into your Subconscious Mind!

Everything you desire is already yours!
All you need to do, is to ask for it, remove hindrances and allow it to be.
If you alreade master this, please do NOT read the following links, but go adead and enjoy life!