Are You Wearing Beer Goggles?

So what ‘beer goggle’ beliefs are holding you back from approaching women? We’ve already talked about the fear of rejection, which is probably a big part of what’s underneath our other beliefs about ourselves. While we have to address our fear of rejection, it’s also important to take a look at the other things that are holding us back, and change them too.

But first I have to ask a very important question – do you even know what you think?

Every single person on this earth has a running commentary in their head. When you’re standing in a grocery line, late getting home, and the check out person seems to be moving in reverse, what are you thinking?

Are You Wearing Beer Goggles?

There is a commentary in your head, and it probably goes something like, “Can’t he move any faster?” Or, “Doesn’t he know we have better things to do with our time than stand in this line and grow old?” Maybe it’s more smartass in nature, “It’s not rocket science! Scan item, put in bag, scan again. Come on now, pick up the pace!” Or maybe your thoughts are more about your role in your current plight, “I knew I should have left the office 15 minutes earlier!” Or, “I always pick the slowest line!”

Knowing what you think is crucial when it comes to changing your circumstances. And knowing what you think about yourself reveals critical information when it comes to your success in getting what you want when it comes to women.

So what do you tell yourself about yourself?

Are You Wearing Beer Goggles?

What do you think about yourself when you don’t approach women? Some of your thoughts might be, “I need to lose some weight,” “I don’t make enough money,” “She won’t like a guy who’s going bald,” “I’m ugly, she’ll never talk to me,” “She probably wants a younger guy,” “I don’t have the right clothes on – I look like a slob.”

Guaranteed, if you approach a woman with any of these thoughts about yourself, you are going to get shot down.

Why? Because your beliefs about yourself ooze out of your pores – like the garlic you had last night with dinner. Seriously, have you ever smelled yourself after you’ve had garlic? It comes out of your pores. Your beliefs about yourself are no different. If you believe you are ugly, you will be ugly. If you believe you’re not good enough, you won’t be good enough.

But the good news is, the opposite is also true. If you believe you are good enough, you will be.

Look around you. Is every single guy who has a girlfriend good looking, slim and fit? Does every single guy who seems to be comfortable meeting and talking to women have a full head of hair and a bank account to match?

Are You Wearing Beer Goggles?

The honest answer to these questions is no. But what they do have in common is something that you don’t have – a different set of beliefs about themselves.

If you don’t believe me, then consider it this way. When you were in college, do you remember the concept of “beer goggles?” What were they? Weren’t they goggles guys had on when they had too much to drink that made the world (and women) look a lot better than they normally would without the beer goggles on? Didn’t those goggles make guys more willing to go up and talk to women they wouldn’t normally talk to if they didn’t have the goggles on?

So why do beer goggles work? Because they give you and the world around you a different set of beliefs, a different lens to look through to see the world differently. If you talk to women with your beer goggles on, when you normally wouldn’t, the goggles have given you a level of confidence you don’t have without them.

Now beer goggles clearly lower our defences. But they’re not much different than the beliefs we’re talking about here. We don’t buy into our negative beliefs about ourselves when we’re drunk.

Now you might think the solution, then, is to meet women when you’re drunk. The smart answer to that is, “NO!” Our world doesn’t need any more alcoholics than it already has.

But the lesson is an important one – it is possible to think differently about yourself in order to do things you wouldn’t normally do. The question is just, “How?”

First you need to start by figuring out what your beliefs are. Then you need to change them.