Art Ideas on How to Sell your Art Work

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Art Ideas on How to sell your art work:

We are going to talk about getting exposure for your art. Art is like anything else….. if no one sees your art – how will they buy it.

Just like the internet, if you have a site, it does not matter how fancy you make it, if people don’t see your art, you don’t sell anything. You need to be in the traffic area for people to see your art, hence… you need some art ideas.

I’m sure you see shops in the high street in your town do better than, say a shop on a quite street. And why is that, people are walking by that shop all the time, so the articles in that shop get exposure. You need to get your art work where people will see it.

Lets have a look at some ways to get your art work exposure:-

  • Shops
  • Galleries
  • in cafes and eateries
  • On a stall
  • Interior Decorating Companies
  • In magazines and newspapers
  • Donating your art to charitable organizations for auction or raffle
  • The Internet
  • Art Competitions

I did this once, I donated a horse bust to an animal shelter shop for a raffle. It not only gets my work exposure (this was one of my art ideas). But the main reason I did this was because I knew that my art could also help in other things that I was passionate about. And the “RSPCA” is an organization in Australia to help the animals. And they rely on donations from the public to keep up their fine work.

Art Ideas on How to Sell your Art Work

Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together.

~ John Ruskin

I also lent my sculpture of “The Australian Light Horseman” (being a military mounted division of the Australian army) to a museum for a month. It was displayed with the war memorabilia and light Horse division. Which was a featured display at the museum calendar.

All these sorts of ideas can get your work exposure, and getting your name out there is something that can only help you to gain credibility as an artist.