Art Lessons From An Artist

I have been an artist all my life. Or a natural artist. I know some say that there is no such thing as a natural artist. And that you have to be taught.

Well….. that is true in a way….. though having a talent that stood out, and if I wanted to ignore it; well….. that didn’t work either. And I found myself being constantly drawn back to art, when it came to work. All may talents centered around art and how it could incorporate into the work I did.

Because of this, it was hard to ignore…. Now being a natural artist does not mean that I could just go ahead and do art. Ok… I had a great advantage over, others and it was easier for me. Though we never stop improving and striving to get better through practice, and trial and error.

I remember even giving some lessons to my school friends in primary school. And I found it rewarding to help others who were interested in art.

I have learnt so much along the road and also felt the frustrations of wanting to get a piece of art the way I wanted it to go, from my imagination.  Or learning a new style or medium of art. One thing I have learnt. is that art is vast, and such a broad spectrum such as art cannot be mastered completely in all areas. And strengths in one section of art, may out-weigh other areas in art. We cannot be the master of all art.

Art Lessons From An Artist

We can have a go and do all different areas of art and  truly be a master of all…. you need to specialize in a few areas of art.

Michael Angelo, was in many regards a master of drawing, painting, and sculpture. And to that, he was a natural, and in his time, it was a great thing to be so good in so many areas of art. I admire him. Remember though, he spent his whole life perfecting these areas of painting, drawing and sculpture, he also went through his trials and errors. Yet his works stand out for us to appreciate and marvel at.

Because art is not an easy expression of ones mind or thoughts. It is an art form,  and we need to give it its true respect.

Art lessons are given and the student learn from their teachers knowledge, and  their time spent perfecting techniques.

And above all, the knowledge that is passed down, is a guideline for the future student of art. Because when you learn these techniques, these art lessons – you then travel your own road in what works for you. You develop your own ways according to your abilities, and individuality.

If we were all the same, art would also be the same. Yet, as individuals we need to be guided. Think of art lessons as being the learning the tools of the trade.  If you follow so closely, the art lessons you have been taught, you will become a clone of your teacher. And not leave your self enough room to develop you own individuality and expressionism.

This is where your road of self discovery comes from. Because when you learn the skills from art lessons, you are set off on your own road.

We can only guide you, a good art teacher should not impose their ideals on you, as an art student. But guide and encourage your own development.

This site may a little different form other sites, because this is what I am trying to impress on your learning of art. It is a beautiful way of discovering your own identity and how you want to express your passions and interests to others. It is a delicate, yet exciting journey.

I just don’t want to teach you art, I want to develop your art in you, through guidance. As if we were in a studio together, and I was looking over your shoulder whilst you are painting, drawing or sculpting.

Teaching art is as much the mind as it is in doing the practical, so exercising your inner self and working with you through communication as I have, and will be, on this site. To discover  and teach the true artist in you.

I want you to have fun discovering, and finding your abilities. Art is a expression, and we have enjoyed is presence in our lives. It does not matter if you are just starting out in art, we all have to start somewhere, so don’t get mad if it all does not go right the first time. “If art was easy, everyone would be doing it” true. You want to go further. Whatever standard you want to reach, that is what you aim for. And you may have to go through some different styles of art to find what is best for you, and which you will thrive in best. Just because you might not be so good in some styles, is because you have not found the style that is best for yourself. So we will cover many different styles. Remember, don’t give up, because its a rewarding journey………..

 “You never stop learning, and an artist who says they have nothing else to learn…. forgot to be an artist”……..