Artesa Winery

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Artesa Winery is located in the Caneros AVA and recently underwent a $10 million dollar rennovation. After working at Chateau St. Jean for over two decades, Don Van Staaverson became the head winemaker. His distinguished wines have won many awards over the years. Artesa is best known for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but also produces wines with several other varietal.

Artesa Winery

The Artesa 2000 Napa Merlot  has ripe cherry flavors that carry through the finish. Its medium body will not overwhelm heartier foods.

I found the Artesa 2000 Sonoma Merlot  to have a little more body, spice and oak than their Napa Merlot.

The Artesa 2001 Carneros Pinot Noir  is a fruit-driven wine with dark, ripe flavors. It has smooth tannins that blend very well into the flavor profile and are almost unnoticeable.

The Artesa 2001 Carneros Chardonnay  is a relatively buttery Chardonnay with pear and apple flavors. It is a smooth, fuller-bodied wine

Well-known for Chardonnay production, Artesa impresses with their 1999 Reserve Chardonnay  There is a lot going on in the flavor profile with notes of spice and sweet tropical fruits. There are additional citrus flavors that lend acidity to this wine.

The Artesa 2001 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc  has more body many examples of this varietal. This fruity wine is framed by oak and spice.