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A healthy body can make all of the difference in the world. Much too often though, neglect of a part of our body stagnates our purpose and potential in life. For example, it’s funny how we can give special attention to the outside of our bodies, making sure it is in the best shape it can possibly get, yet ignore the things we really need to sustain us, such as a healthy diet and vitamin supplements.

Or perhaps we decide we need a change in life, so we travel to different places carrying the same attitudes and outlook on life. One will make our outer appearance “look” attractive while inside we are slowly dying. The other will produce the same results, just in a different place. The bottom line to both circumstances is the same though, both have the same consequences, a deteriorating state.

Not that the body isn’t important. On the contrary, after all it’s the protection that God has given us to house our spirit.

Articles For The Body

Alls I’m saying is, REAL health and change starts from the inside out.

It’s no different in the body of Christ either. For what good can the hands do if the legs can’t get them there? Better yet, how can the hands effectively meet the need of feeding the stomach if the arms don’t have the strength to lift them to the mouth?

Starting to get the picture? If the Preacher is the brain, delivering the message from the head, what good does it do to preach if the body is ill and bedridden and unable to respond?

Yet is this not the way we are conducting our everyday lives in this irresponsible manner? We are created to work and to obtain “together”. There is ONE BODY, in which we have to take responsibility and accountability for. That is ONE in the spiritual, and ONE in the physical.

And the twist is that they are both intertwined.

We encourage you to consider YOUR reasonable service and present YOUR BODY as a living sacrifice. We welcome your feed back and comments.