Artist tips – the anatomy of a dog

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Right…. Learning about your subjects also means learning about their anatomy. This gives you the insight of how the animal moves. Its limitations of movement by its skeleton. And knowledge in this area is a must.

Many an hour I have studied the anatomy of my subjects while sculpting. From human to animal. Its intriguing and also when you put this knowledge into practice when doing your work. Well…. your newly acquired knowledge makes your study all the easier to do when you learn the fundamentals of its being.

Look at how its basic shape is formed. Now we are going back to the basics. Think of it like your line drawing when you get your overall drawing right.

I want you to have a good look at this dogs skeleton. Because these are the basics that you need to learn; and remember.

I constantly refer back to pictures of anatomy when I am getting the detail right.

You don’t have to be a doctor, though you have to be close…… For an artist the study of anatomy, brings your knowledge of anatomy much higher then the average person out in the crowd. Yes… we are a special bunch! Quite learnerd really. O’ for anyone who’s first language is not English.( Learnerd:- is the version of learned in Old English.)

 Each muscle forms the surface of the dog. You don’t have to worry about the muscles underneath overlaying muscles. You really only need to concentrate of the top lying muscles. Because these are the muscles which the skin will be overlaying, and hence... the detail you need to capture when doing your subject.

Artist tips   the anatomy of a dog

Front shoulder muscles are not so pronounced. Just take note, that you need to study different breeds, as their muscle structure will be more pronounced, or less pronounced in some areas than others. As they all are bred for their different specialties.

Putting everything together is easier if you have a sound knowledge of your subject. Then it all falls into place. If you don’t know how something works – then how can you understand it? the same applies to the artist doing their work. When you are copying nature in all its glory, you need to know why, and how to name a few. If it works……. don’t change it.And nature is a master at this

I guess your thinking right now, I didn’t think it would all be so involved….

Artists have been looked up to and respected for centuries. An elite crowd, you could say.

And it is not for just doing light-hearted work. It takes work to become an artist

Ok… many have not made a living out of it through time… there again, many have.