Assyafaah Mosque in Singapore

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Look at the Assyafaah Mosque which was designed by local architectural firm, Forum Architects and completed in 2004!

Assyafaah Mosque in Singapore

You may wonder where are the dome, the arch, and the minaret – the typical design element from Mughal, Ottoman, Mamluk or Safavid cultures.

You won’t literally find them here though as the architect thought those are having little relevance to the cultural context of Muslims and Malays in Singapore.

However, you’ll find the adaptation of the arabesque at the Assyafaah Mosque in its aluminium screen, façade, and the carpet.

In Islamic origin, the arabesque is a must and used in mosque design as expression of unity, a tribute to God, and considered Divine.

Entering the mosque toward the main prayer hall, I saw the sculpted arches spanning across it.

The arches touch the ground at 8 points, made the prayer hall 12 meter span column free. These arches are also supporting the three storey spaces above it.

I met two Malay ladies who told me that they were heading to the upper floor, to the women prayer hall.

What’s the unique feature in this mosque?


Probably the telescoping black tower in front of the mosque forming a minaret is the most unique feature in this building as it’s the only one in Singapore now.

The minaret is made of 128 pieces of steel plate which overlapping each other for the strength. Colorless polyurethane coating was applied on top of its rustic steel base surface.

Each tier of the minaret is formed by a fixed module of 300mm wide by a variable height.

You’ll see some gaps which formed by its fix module as it getting smaller upwards.

The light beautifully goes through the holes at night.

1 Admiralty Lane, Singapore 757620


How to go there?

You can walk to the mosque from Sembawang MRT Station (NS11) for about 17minutes for approximately 1.4km.

You can also take the SMRT bus No.859 from Sembawang MRT station.