Astrology – planet guidance to your fabulous life

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Astrology is a tool, a guide. The moment we are born we receive a unique gift: Our birth chart, which is a map of heaven. The planets and the stars precisely as they where placed on the sky the moment you were born. Astrology means knowledge of the stars and is simply the guide or tool you need to interpret this map.

As a soul, you choose your present incarnation to learn some specific lessons and gain some specific experience on your journey towards fulfillment. The map of heaven shows what, where and how. No, this doesn’t mean that you should sit on your ass and wait for “destiny” to knock on your doorstep. Neither does it mean that “fate” will decide whatever will become of you in your life. You have your own free will, and you create both your fate and your destiny.

Whether your birth chart is filled with harsh or easy aspects, many or few challenges, you are the one to decide whether your life is going to be fabulous or not. Most of the time it’s the so-called difficult aspects that push a person upwards and forwards, while a person with many so-called good aspects tend to sit comfortably waiting for “something” to happen for her life to improve. Not realizing that that “something” is YOU!

	 Astrology   planet guidance to your fabulous life

The map of heaven is like any other map: It shows you where the road is narrow and steep and where there is a highway, where there are mountains and where there are rivers. You decide which way to take, whether to climb the mountain or to take the longer way around, to swim across the river or find the bridge…The map shows the road, it doesn’t make the journey.

That’s up to you.The fabulous thing about astrology is that it tend to reveal sides of yourself that you deep inside knew existed. Now that they are brought to light they are easier to do something about. Let’s say your natal chart shows a tendency towards self-deception, especially in relationships. Well, you already know that you tend to find men who seems to be perfect, but that after while turns out to be idiots. Is that his problem or yours? Well, your natal chart and the astrology knowledge will show you that the responsibility is yours. He is the way he is – you simply let yourself be fooled! Knowing that you have a tendency to let yourself being fooled might be just what you need to turn this around. Because it shows that you are in control of your own life – not anyone else.

Astrology is often referred to as a thousand of years old science. And that is correct. But it’s also a new science in the sense that astrologers today are taking into account new elements as Chiron, the Moon’s nodes and the Galaxy centre – to mention some. As one friend pointed out: “We see the star signs in the sky, and I can understand they influence us somehow. But what we see is only a tiny bit. There’s so much behind.”He’s right, of course. There’s so much behind. With modern technology astronomers discover more and more – and astrologers study the influence of the newly discovered elements. Today we also have tools that can make more precise calculations. It’s not that these elements didn’t influence us earlier. It’s just that now we learn how, and how to use this in astrological analysis, as one more tool for personal development towards a fabulous life.

	 Astrology   planet guidance to your fabulous life

Famous psychic Edgar Cayce, who usually used the birth chart of his clients for his readings, repeated again and again that astrology today was only in its childhood. For sure, this is a science that will develop tremendously in the years and centuries to come.