Attacking Fear Head On

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Sometimes fear can be hard to recognize. It can take a number of forms that fool us. That feeling of resistance that stops you from acting, the voice in the back of your mind that pulls you away with a thousand excuses…and if you are really good at it, excuses that seem plausible, reasonable, make sound sense darn it!

How about my fears? If I decide to “sell” products, well then people might think I am selfish, not trust my motives, surely selling is bad…why…look at all the charlatans out there on the internet! I kick back and start down that road so easily followed, the mind-set of “It’s all or nothing,” that lovely easy to follow map of black and white, so comforting in its extremes…such a simplistic filter to life.

“Surely to be good you must be a complete martyr, no good could ever come of….gasp…profit!” Oh I hear them now, voices from my past “Materialism is bad! Making money is bad! You are a bad person to want wealth in your life!” and at the same time, just to confuse a young mind, the perpetrator of this claim was greedily taking money away from poor single moms…but that is a whole other story.

Funny; happiness, good relations, health, aren’t they all forms of “wealth?” So how did money get such a bad rap?

And yet, as the saying goes, “it’s kind of like oxygen, you gotta have it…” trust me, having gone hungry in my poverty stricken days, I speak from experience…but the question is, how much is too much? And is there a limit to success? Abiding by the laws of the universe, if you give something of value, getting something of value back makes perfect sense.

Attacking Fear Head On

Why do I have it engrained in my mind that spirituality and the pursuit of higher things, cannot mix with financial well being? Boy is that a stickler! And being a bit of a self help junkie I have read a number of books on the subject of having an abundance mind-set. I went to a seminar a while back where the speaker ask the audience to shout out the first thing they thought of when he said “money”…90% of the things shouted back were negative…”money is the root of all evil!”…Funny, I don’t see my spare change clamoring off the dresser and launching an evil assault all on its own…is a hammer evil? You could build a house with it, or use it as a weapon…makes you wanna go hmmmm…..

So here I am pondering the meaning of life, and still I must balance my checkbook.

A friend in the internet marketing business told me I had a wonderful product, I could build an empire around it, I had something of value that I need to share and in actuality, it is an “information product” that I should create and sell. Ah the thoughts percolated…I took classes, I am a geek as well so I can even build my own websites…I’m a writer and a speaker so I have a lot to pull from…I busied myself with preparation, I spent lots of my hard earned money on resources, a personal laptop, sound equipment, training…and then?….I stalled…I panicked…and the fear kicked in…

“You can’t do that or you’ll be just another cad! You tried so many products that claimed to be the panacea for all spiritual ills and were so disappointed…what’s to stop you from disappointing others the same way?” And on and on….guess what, I just recognized the trend. It’s FEAR!

Well I’ll tell you one thing about me, I always run head first into the things that scare me and challenge them, I found out early on that it was far worse to run and hide…on so many levels…so here I go off into the fray. I shall now “Build My Empire” and if I fail here and there, well then, I plan on “failing forward!”