Attention all goalkeepers! Wanna improve your game?

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“You have to be very mentally strong to be a keeper at this level. We are there to be shot at and that’s the part of things we have to accept. You just have to try and make sure mistakes don’t happen.” Tottenham keeper Paul Robinson

So, you wanna become a good goalkeeper? or maybe you just want information about being a goalkeeper.

then you`re at the right place. Just try it! take the challenge and you will never regret. Even if you do not become such a good goalkeeper you were hoping. You will not regret.

Nothing in life is regretteable.

Just try it! (Ok, that`s the last time I say try it! again on this page. ooops, from now on!)

Let`s make a list over top important stuff for you as a keeper.

  • Use both of your feet
  • Good goalkicks
  • (counter-attacks from goalkeeper are more and more usual in todays football)

  • Good throws
  • Excellent communication with your defenders!
  • Your reflexes
  • Training talent
  • (you don`t have too be talented at all)

These points are crucial to become a good goalkeeper. If youfeel like you have all these points at a perfect level, you`re done!

But (of course theres a but here) that`s not possible!No one has all these attributes on a perfecet level. Simply because it`s impossible.

As mentioned before. Your human body is not a machinery!

Attention all goalkeepers! Wanna improve your game?

Not even Iker Casillas. One of the most talented and one of the best goalkeepers in the world is perfect!

Back to your goalkeeper training instructions!

The list I made earlier was the more physical stages of being a goalkeeper. Now I want to add some more mental keywords.Because being the man between the posts is hard! both physicallyand psychic.

If the opposite team scores, and you should have stopped the goal. They (your team mates) will most often blame your for the conceded goal. And not the one of your team mate who actually lost the ball!

That`s the hard, but true reality.

So, where were we? Oh, yes, the mental importance of being a keeper…

As Paul Robinson says on the top of the page. You have to be very mentally strong to become a goalkeeper. It`s true. For you as a keeper I believe you know this (better than me).

Some people say that 90 percent of a goalkeepers work will figure mentally. And I dont`t doubt it a second!Therefore I would like to give you some tips about how you can increase your mental strenght.

  • Prepare for the game
  • Visualize
  • Believe in yourself
  • Relax, take it easy
  • (After all, football is just a game!)

  • Avoid distractions

This is all good tips on how you can improve your play.When I played football, I used music both before and after the game. Before the game I focused on situations I was good at in my previous match. And after the game I focused on what I could improve with my game. Try it! (this is to important, I had to use the try it! motto)

By doing the tips over you prepare for the game, you visualize and you relax (At least when you are in dreamworld with YOUR music)

Music worked fine for me. But it doesn`t automatically make it fine for you. Find your method and stick to it!

Starting to get impatience? Just one thing before you can go and train your goalkeeper-skills.

Never forget these words when it comes too football…

Passion + determination + humility