Attic Window block

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The Attic Window block is a traditional quilt block. It can be made two different ways. The traditional method uses templates and set in seams. I will be showing you a quicker easier way to make an Attic Window.

Directions for the Attic Window:

1. Cut a large square, remember to add 1/2″ seam allowance. This is the window of your block, so use a fabric with an interesting pattern.

2. Cut 2 strips from different fabrics. The length needs to be the same size as the square including seam allowance. The width is whatever size you want your “sill” plus seam allowance.

3. Make one half square triangle

a. Cut two squares from the two colors you used for your strips. These need to be cut the size of your finished block plus 1 1/2″

b. Draw a diagonal line through the center square of the lighter fabric on the reverse side.

c. Place right sides together. Sew 1/4″ on both sides of the diagonal line.

d. Cut on diagonal line. You will have two half square triangles. Press toward darker fabric. Trim to desired size.

4. Sew on the the strips to the left side of your center square. Press toward strip.

5. Sew the half square triangle to the other strip, right sides together. Make sure the same fabric touches. Press toward strip.

6. Pin the bottom strip, with the half square triangle, to the center square and left strip. Butt together any seams to get good points. Sew and then press.
I hope you enjoyed making this easier Attic Window block.

Attic Window block