Attract Hummingbirds Like a Magnet With More Red

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It’s True!!
The color red will attract hummingbirds, more than any other color, to your backyard garden; but that’s not all that will attract hummingbirds.

Here you will discover more secrets and tips that will atrract more hummingbirds like a magnet to your gackyard garden. Before we start, I want you to know that hummingbirds are very territoral and will stake-out and down-right “Bully-Fight” a feeder. There are tricks I will share that can help minimize the problem.

Just a little tid-bit before we start. Did you know that there are over 300 species of hummingbirds in the world and that you will only find hummingbirds in the Western Hemisphere. With all those species, it’s the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird that is most commonly found; and what a beauty she is. There wings beat up to 200 beats per second. Now you know why they are always at the feeder or sipping nectar from a flower. They also eat very tiny insects and spiders. Very Cool!
Attract Hummingbirds Like a Magnet With More Red
Ok, let’s get started.
You already now that the color red will attract hummingbirds like crazy…

so go out and add red to our Backyard Garden.

  • PLANT the color RED
    The best type of plants that will attract hummingbirds are tubular/trumpet shaped flowering plants both perennials and vines that are loaded with nectar. Plant annuals for instant color and that produce nectar for attraction. There are many beautiful annuals that look great in a hanging basket, containers, and planted in your rock garden. Not only do the hanging basket look magnificent, they also make a great place for your Wrens to nest, like it or not!! Hey, now your multi-tasking!!!
    You can attract hummingbirds by adding red with your garden art – red gazing globe/ball, red ribbons or a red bandana tied and tucked in your hanging baskets. How about a pair of “old red flannel” underwear.
    Are you a Detroit Red Wings fan? Get your red on!!
    Hey, it’s your garden art!!
    Attract hummingbirds by adding hummingbird feeders filled with home-made nectar – Fresh Sugar Water. Most feeders are made with the color of red. Here is a money saving tip – Don’t spend your hard-earn money on the pre-packaged powdered nectar -It’s pricy and it comes with unwanted, unnecessary red dye additives. Wildlife don’t need red dye anymore than us humans.

    I have a great simple recipe to make your own nectar for your hummingbirds, butterflies and don’t forget your Orioles. Orioles are attracted to the color of orange, so they require a different color feeder. I’ve found that sugar water will attract hummingbirds like crazy and gives me better results. This home-made recipe will attract hummingbirds quicker and brings more of them, plus it’s cheap. That gets my thumbs up!!

    Home-Made Sugar Water Nectar

    • 1 part sugar – DO NOT USE HONEY
    • 4 parts water
      Microwave the water for 3 minutes in a glass pitcher.
      Slowly add the sugar, stirring continuously until water turns clear. Keep refrigerated.

    Remember, hummingbirds are very territorial and will dominate a feeder. It’s recommended that you buy 2 – 3 feeders depending on the size of your yard and your ability to be mobile. If you provide several feeders through out your backyard garden, it will be hard for the male hummingbird to keep up defending all the feeders and basically give up.

    Hummingbird feeders come in a variety of styles from the very basic inexpensive to the blown-glass very pricy models. I personally have the basic inexpensive feeders but soon to up-grade, I suppose, as my kids are getting older. Too many basketballs and hockey pucks flying around to have glass feeders in their paths. One thing that I have discovered is that yellow attacts bees so the hummingbird feeders that I have do not have any yellow parts. Usually, those yellow parts are just clip on anyways that you can just take off. Another good reason for the inexpensive model.