AUTISM – What could be causing this all too common condition in our children?

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Autism. “Autism is a behavior disorder, characterized by an impairment in social communication, social interaction, and social imagination.” Quote from Neurological Encyclopedia

Heavy metal toxicity. Body Burden. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Pollution. What do these words mean? Why do I care? Why would I want you to care?

About thirty-five years ago when in my pet shop a frequent customer came in with a boy about 5 or 6 years old that I’d not seen before. She said he was her grandson. I blinked several times and tried to look away but could not stop watching him. Gawking would be a better term, I was so mesmerized by him and his conduct.

He wore on his head a football helmet kind of thing that was obviously put on to stay on and not easily be removed. He had small boxing gloves on his hands. He also wore a harness much like the ones I sold for large dogs and yes, she held the looped end of an extra long leash that linked to the middle of his back, out of his gloved hand’s reach.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing in my life up till then prepared me for understanding what I was seeing. I had taught Junior High School earlier and we had children of all shapes and conditions in attendance, but what the child’s grandmother was quietly telling me simply did not compute. This was one of his better days and she thought he would enjoy seeing many large and small fish, the aviary birds, and the glass tanks where the pet mice and rats played together.

Better days? Yes, most of the time he would bang his head against the wall or floor so he needed to always wear the helmet. His gloves were to keep him from scratching his own body. I could see scratches on his face. He wore this get-up 24 hours a day. It took two or three adults to care for him during any change of clothing.

AUTISM   What could be causing this all too common condition in our children?

I saw the two of them maybe three or four more times before they both disappeared. She looking more and more haunted and he was growing thinner and less manageable. I never learned what became of them, either of them

Over the years as more and more information was coming into public awareness about autism and the other mental deformities our children were developing, I’d remember these two people. Slowly I learned to cry in hopeless despair as the understanding melted the numbness I’d protected myself with when seeing them those many years ago.

Autism is one of the reasons why I care what these words mean: Heavy metal toxicity. Body Burden. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. And how incredibly important detoxing needs to be a part of pre pregnancy planning. And now why I am saying them over and over is because we have found a means to cleanse pollution – actually removing the pollution — and stopping the effects they are having on the human body. If we can mobilize to start that process with everyone, all physical bodies will benefit.

Our children are our future. What are we doing to them? How can we change this around?

Yes. Cleanse pollution. Reduce pollution. Telling soon to be parents to detox their own bodies in preparation for having bright and healthy children, that is, pre pregnancy planning. Each one of us doing a little bit for all of us.

And first we all must know why it is important.

Autism is just one word about one small part of the whole spectrum of mental damage we are experiencing at ever increasing rates.

Are the heavy metals the only cause of autism? Perhaps not. Not all by themselves. But just like all other possible causes, an imbalanced body cannot properly heal itself. It has been demonstrated that cleansing pollution, removing toxins and other contamination, allows the body to far better heal itself and prevent many organisms from growing into a full blown illness. A great place to start.

To explore this possibility, six children diagnosed as autistic are under the care of a working group using liquid clinoptilolite zeolite to see if and how their symptoms can be reduced. This is a very emotional experience so prepare yourself. My tears were for the joy of the possibilities shown and for grieving for all those who have not yet been so lucky.