Baby Boomers – What To Pack For A Cruise Vacation?

Discover The Essentials To Pack For Your Romantic Cruise – Leave The Stress Behind

Determining what to pack for a cruise vacation can be challenging on its own. Then, there is the question of unpredictable weather. You can count on this one, so expect it!

I always look forward to the relaxation, and fabulous food on board a Cruise ship. But there is always that major question a few days before I leave…“What to pack for a cruise vacation?”

DO think about this a week ahead, instead of cramming things together in your suitcase the night before you leave. It never turns out, something is always forgotten!

I am a baby boomer woman that always packs too much! It never fails…

The last cruise I went on, I had decided to “go at it” with a plan. Which isn’t at all like my personality. I love to just fly by the seat of my pants. But…we all know that the size of the cabin on a cruise ship, is just not quite big enough for everything we want to take.

Take a look at…

My tips for what to pack for a cruise vacation:

* 1 * Set the time aside to make a list. We can all probably agree that our memory is not quite the same, when we are planning our perfect vacations. Our minds tend to wander to the destination, before we arrive! Hence…the list.

What to pack for your cruise vacation, could be considered one of the worst parts of a cruise. The only thing I think I dread more is unpacking when I get home!

Maybe it’s belonging to the baby boomer generation or maybe I have learned “the hard way” by forgetting some essentials that I just can’t live without.

Baby Boomers   What To Pack For A Cruise Vacation?

Imagine forgetting my razor (just purchased new for this trip) then having to purchase it again on the cruise ship for double. Paying double is the only solution, as there is a rule to using your lover’s face razor for your legs. Get your wallet out!

* 2 * Even before the clothes…grab all your travel documentation. Cruise line tickets, passports, airline tickets, medical coverage, insurance papers and any other important documents you might feel are necessary. If in question…pack it!

* 3 * Plan out your wardrobe…remember the size of those cabins! (yes, size matters!) Depending what type of a cruise you are going on, will depend on what should be going along for the trip.

If it is a luxury cruise, expect to pack suits and ties for the men and evening gowns for the ladies. A little to “grown up” for my taste.

However, I like to choose a cruise that is a little more casual.
Maybe because it’s a little easier to pack lightweight cloths.

* 4 * Look at the expected weather forecast. But, don’t let it fool you! The last cruise I went on in the Caribbean, I packed everything for 80-90 degree weather. Guess What? Wrong decision. Pack at least one set of warm clothes. Let me tell you…shivering on a cruise is not fun! Not at all!

* 5 * Bring outfits you can mix and match. I finally figured out I don’t need a new pair of shorts every day and another new concept to me was, I could actually wear the same skirt two times in a row!

Maybe it’s a girl thing. Don’t forget, that cruise ships do offer a laundry service, if you just happen to run out of clothes. Or there is always shopping on board!

* 6 * Important tip to remember! Have any of you ever had luggage lost? Be extremely grateful if you can answer no! This will lead me to tell you, when you are doing your packing, divide your items into two (or more) suitcases.

You do not want to arrive for your luxury cruise vacation to find out that, your only choice of clothing is your lover’s!

When asking yourself that all important question…what to pack for a cruise vacation…Let’s not forget the small romantic essentials that can still fit in your suitcase…tea lights and matches.(necessary for the romantic ambiance). I was able to find tea lights that actually have a small battery – a marvelous idea!

I hope this will help you with the question…what to pack for a cruise vacation?

May your romantic journey on the high seas begin!

Bon Voyage…Enjoy a romantic cruise with the love of your life…aboard a Cruise Ship, making memories to last a life-time!

See You On Board!