Baby Emma- Christian Mom Devotionals

This is the day that the Lord hath made… …Psalm 118:24

Baby Emma, one of the triplets in our family, has acted strangely for the last month. Arms stretched out she would want to be held and in the next minute stiffening those same arms and battle with the person holding her. When 1 ½ year old Emma was herself, she was a delightful child. But as quickly as she turned on a smile, she turned on a tantrum. No one seemed to know what made her moods change so. With days of continued frustration, her mother and gramma knew something was wrong. My sister and niece were past concerned. Upon further tests, an MRI showed a huge tumor and a cyst, at the bottom of her skull. Baby Emma would need to be rushed to St. Louis, Missouri. This is the day that the Lord hath made…is not the verse to quote someone in the middle of an emergency of this sort. But why not? Unexpected emergencies are probably just as important to hear this verse as any other time.

Baby Emma  Christian Mom Devotionals

Days of calamities are the times we must believe God has our best interest at heart. He is not a cruel God. And in this case, God had Emma’s best interest at heart. Surgery followed, while waiting, intensified fear. The cyst and tumor were removed avoiding a stroke and brain damage. If the tumor had not been detected at the time, perhaps worse things could have come to Emma. God allowed the tumor to be found. God is not the author of confusion I try to always remind myself. If it is not from God, we know Satan is at work to try his best to bring us down. Not all days are days we want to remember, because of confusion and chaos. But everyday is from the Lord. Trust Him to bring you through. God’s power will say enough about Him. Is this a day that the Lord hath made?

God spoke to me concerning the topic of this christian mom devotionals this week on the way home from a doctors’ visit. It is something we all struggle with, Faith!