Baby Invitation – For A Baby Blessing or Shower

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This sample baby invitation was created in pink and blue because the baby’s gender was unknown.

It will require an investment of stamps, embossing powder, and pop dots. You would also need colored pencils, glue, colored and white cardstock, decorative scissors, colored paper and a printer.

Begin by printing your info for the blessing onto colored paper that matches your cardstock base. Include who it is for, the date, time, place, etc. You could fit 6 sets of info onto each sheet of paper. Round cut or use decorative scissors to cut out.

Cut colored cardstock in half horizontally (to make two invitations per sheet.) As you can see, this baby invitation was done in blue.

Create two decorative rectangles just smaller than the size of the folded invitation, for layering. For this example they were done in cream and pink. Go ahead and glue them on, one on the front, and one on the bottom inside. Your info can also be glued on now, on the inside, centered.

Baby Invitation   For A Baby Blessing or Shower

Using colored paper in the same shade as your cardstock base, print a message for the front of the baby invitation. Depending on how many invitations you’re making, you may only need one sheet since many will fit. Decoratively cut.

Using white cardstock, stamp shapes using whatever color of ink you have, then quickly sprinkle with embossing powder until fully covered. This invitation was done with silver powder. Tap leftover powder off of your paper and then heat the embossing powder until it melts. I use my stovetop and hover the paper a few inches above the heat plate.

Color and cut out each shape. Using pop dots attach each shape to colored paper matching your cardstock base. Decoratively cut out the paper. Then glue wherever you’d like onto the front and inside. Also, attach your message.